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  1. Thanks Brett, Had fluid change to transynd at 76055 and filters,always ran cool 165 until down shift to 5 gear and temp went up to 260 .Would not shift out of 5 ,turn off restart and put in 6 only free wheeled. Put in 1 and would only move a little. Got code out called Allison. They said gear separation of 4 5 gear?11k for rebuild.
  2. Hi we have a 2000 Country Coach Magna with a 4060 r trans with 97005 miles. 0n the last trip the trans went out. Shop said it was 4th gear failure and needed to be rebuild. Has anyone had a problem with an Allison transmission-- if so what. Thanks Charles
  3. Hi, Looking for a shop to fix leak on 2000 CC Magna,had a name of a shop, but cannot find it. I know,the man used to work for Wanderlodge/ Blue Bird Co. now works at his home on RV's. Our slide leaks, front area. Were near Asheville NC Thanks.
  4. Hello. How long is the water good for in fresh water tank while parked in 85 temp? Thanks. Charles
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