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  1. Good math Herman ;-) I got my 7710 from CW while passing through NH last May and as I posted in another forum the battery charging system went south on me on the way back from a 48 day west coast trip. Bottom line, as others have said, the RVND 7710 most probably has at leas some failed units or units which haven't been used long and hard enough to collapse like mine did. My faith in RM can only be restored if they treat me right with a good trade in program to a 7720 which has some nice features e.g. WIFI for instant weather updates and hopefully fixes any know 7710 problems right out of the gate. I hope they do well by their original purchasers on the cost issue as the unit is definetely a great help while driving an RV. Cesar Cardenas F127604 Four Winds 23S until I got to Tucson and fell under the spell of a 38' Thor Magellan at Lazydays Tucson
  2. In reply to various posts listed below. We just returned from a 6000+ mile trip from Lancaster, Pa. to Long Beach out by the northern and back by the southern route. The RVND 7710 is a wonderful GPS ....BUT..... as other have found it has some flaws. My problem eventually caused it to die east of Dallas leaving me to have to use my Garmin Nuvi 880 plus smart phone Google Maps and Allstays to replicate the features I liked the most on the 7710 I replaced 12v chargers, purchased 12v to 110v converters etc. to nurse it along but eventually nothing could bring it back to life. I contacted RM tech support and they initially denied anything wrong with the 7710 as had been alluded to by a CW manager along the route. However after some sweet talking on my part they provided suggestions about how to reset the charging which ran contrary to their denials and which didn't work in any case. My bottom line is that the 7710 has flaws and RM should replace any 7710 with a 7720 at very little if any cost to origiinal purchasers but that will remain to be seen. I'm about to return my 7710 for "repairs" but I'm including a demand for that substitution and should they play fair with me I will definetely come back here to say so but if they don't then I'll never again buy anything from them and will relate my tale of woe to anyone who will listen. Cesar Cardenas F127604
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