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  1. Thanks, Brett and Rich, for the responses. I've been tied up with family matters but will start doing the tests prescribed by Brett and in the manual when I finally arrive home and have some time. As of this moment the refrigerator seems to be cooling properly and the temp in the refrigerator compartment this morning was 34, which is where it has been until this recent glitch. Again, thanks. Dutch
  2. I have a Dometic two-door (freezer on top) unit, NDR 1062, in a 2007 Tiffin coach. The cooling unit failed in October, 2011 and was replaced by a Viking replacement cooling unit which has worked fine. Until now. After leaving the Tiffin service center in Alabama a few days ago we have noticed that the refrigerator is not cooling properly. The freezer does a good job of freezing ice and keeping it frozen but the refrigerator is not much below ambient. Gas or electric does not seem to make any difference. The burner is clean--no scale, and has a good blue flame. The chimney is good and hot to the touch. Any thoughts on why one part would work OK and one would not?
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