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    summer/Cuba MO. - winter/Weslaco TX.
  1. Dana, I just bought a 155#, 3 gallon tank from Northern Tool for $70.00. Eddie Elk.
  2. We live in Missouri and use a P.O. Box for all of our addresses on car and MH titles , licenses, insurance, credit cards, taxes, and everything else. Have had no problems for 8 years. We belong to an RV Resort that prohibits us from using their address when we return to Missouri. We winter in South Texas. Eddie Elk.
  3. Don: Radio shack has flexible cable connectors that fit through a window or under your entry door. I run the cable from the dish, under the door, and to my receiver. I also run a second receiver so my friends can watch the football games in the trailer next store. It's worked for the past 4 years. Eddie Elk.
  4. Is your MH a p-30 Chevy 454? I have the electrical and plumbing schematics for my '87 Pace Arrow 34' that might help you. Eddie Elk
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