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  1. This is my open letter to Allstate. I think it speaks for itself. April 25, 2015 Allstate Motor Club 2775 Sanders Rd. E2 Northbrook, Il. 60062-6127 Why do I want Roadside Assistance? On April 20, 2015 my wife and I were pulling a trailer on Interstate 95 when I had a blow out on a tire on the trailer. I immediately pulled over onto the berm where it was off the road, but very busy. I called you for assistance and then the frustration started. I am going to relate what happened and will be passing this letter on to the FMCA because the members need to know what they are paying for if they have Allstate Motor Club for their Emergency Road Service. I have been paying for this service since 2008 and this is the first time I tried to put it to use. The person on the phone from Allstate took about 15 minutes to try to figure out if I was a member!!I was on hold for several minutes several times. Finally he agreed that I was a member and how can he help me? I told them where I was exactly, and he said he would text me the information about who was coming. The text said they would be out in one and one half hours along with a phone number. After one hour I decided to call the company to make sure they were on the way. They said very frankly, “Oh we cancelled that run”, meaning, “they had a better job come by”. I again called Allstate in frustration. Again I was on hold for about 15 minutes for them to figure out if I was a member of their service!!! Yes, I was and “How can I help you?” I told them what I found out and they said they would attempt to get someone else out. No explanation for the loss of service. I wanted to talk to a supervisor so they said they would call back. In the meantime my wife insisted I call the South Carolina Police (911). They had someone there in five minutes. While waiting for the police, the supervisor called back to let me know that it would take two and a half hours for the next service call and that it would cost $300 plus $35 dollars if I want them to take the tire!! Can you believe the gall of that supervisor to tell me that? The policemen came so I hung up on the supervisor. He was extremely comforting and let us know that he would have someone there in ten minutes. They were there just as he said and changed the tire in five minutes. Amazing how wonderful some people are. The gentleman charged me $30, ( I paid him $60) to do the job. So I ask you why in the world would I EVER want to continue the “no service” program I have been paying for since 2008? Awful, Shameful, Disgraceful. I guess the old saying holds true, “you don’t know what you have until you put it to use”. I know that you record your phone conversations, so I would ask you to look it up and listen to all three phone calls. Your, “no longer” customer, John L. Dogger
  2. Although I am not from your area, I can tell you what I did. My driver's side window fogged up and Monaco was going to charge $600 not including instalation. I went to a regular window repair store and asked them if they could help. It became very simple. I removed the whole window frame, which is not dificault, although it was rather heavy. They in turn had the window made and installed into the frame. I then installed everything back into the motorhome. Total cost was $100!!!
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