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  1. Bill - Thanks for sharing that information. The people here on the FMCA forum are much nicer than on other forums.
  2. I absolutely agree with you, Bill. All they had to do in order to appease me would have been to say we could come stay another time if they had space available. They were completely inflexible though. Oh well... We just will never go there now, and out of frustration I made this post (and others). We usually book for just a night with an option to extend, but this time we were planning to go with several other couples so I booked an entire week. We had an emergency (with our fur child) come up and unfortunately we couldn't go. :-(
  3. This is just an FYI... I'm posting this because I am VERY frustrated with this resort. Do NOT PAY in advance here! They make absolutely NO attempt to help you if you need to cancel for an emergency!!! They even rented our space to someone else for the MAJORITY of the time we had paid, and they still didn't refund ANY of our payment, nor did they offer to let us come and stay another time. We will NEVER go there!!!! There are too many other beautiful places to stay in this area. Not a happy camper here!!!!
  4. If you are traveling in the area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, do yourself a favor and stop by and check out the relatively new Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort in Galax, Virginia. It is just minutes from the Blue Rigde Parkway on the border of Virgina and North Carolina. We went there because we wanted to play golf in that area. This resort has its own 9-hole, par-3 course that you can play for free. They also have a miniature course for fun too. We arrived there on Easter Sunday and were greeted with an invitation to join the owners and guests for Easter dinner in their clubhouse. From that moment on... our stay there was magical! There is so much to do in the area including golf, hiking/biking, fishing/boating, wonderful music and concerts, and some fantastic restaurants. The town of Mt. Airy (a.k.a. Mayberry) North Carolina isn't far away, and is definitely worth exploring. We fell in love with this area of the country, and this resort is right in the middle of it all. We are considering purchasing a lot here since we were made to feel so special there. They offer a free 3-night stay so if you are in the area you should definitely check it out. They have a new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DeerCreekMotorcoachResort and their website is: www.DeerCreekMotorcoachResort.com. Enjoy!
  5. Hi there... Apologies for taking so long to get the photos organized and ready to share. Below is a link to my "before and after" photos on the Kodak Gallery. If you are not able to view them, please send me an email and I will send you a direct link. Enjoy! Photos on Kodak Gallery
  6. Joe, When you say that "FMCA found you the best coverage" what do you mean? What did they do for you and how did you request it? Thanks! Valerie
  7. Greetings! This post is to discuss the wonderful experience we had customizing our coach with Millennium Luxury Coaches in Sanford, Florida. My husband and I were spontaneous and recently purchased a 40-foot, Class A motor home. It's a 2006 Travel Supreme that was a bank "repo" so it is basically brand new. We've never been camping, much less RV'ing, but we have jumped in with two feet and are very excited about our new and upcoming adventures. After we bought our lovely RV we realized there are many amenities on the newer and more expensive coaches that ours was lacking. Accidentally we found Millennium Luxury Coaches! This company builds the Prevost coaches, and they are absolutely beautiful! Even though our coach is a much lower level coach than the coaches they build and sell, they treated us as if our coach was just as "special" as theirs. The courtesy and respect with which they treated us was the decision factor for us to move forward and have our coach "customized". As we met their staff and team of "specialty craftsmen" it became quickly apparent that our "accident" of finding this company was "meant to be". We talked to their designers about the ideas we had for upgrading our coach and they shared their opinions and thoughts with us. Our goal (on a limited budget) was to upgrade the features of our coach for our enjoyment, and to get the "best bang for the buck" down the road when we are ready to sell it or trade it for a larger one. The quality of work they did for us is absolutely fantastic and first-class. The changes they made for us included: - Replacing the 3 tube TVs with LCD flat-screen TVs. They gave us a significantly greater amount of storage space by building slide-out drawers behind the new flat panel TVs. They also programmed a universal remote control that is certainly smarter than we are when it comes to all of the AV components! - Replacing the out-dated wallpaper border in the bathroom areas with a beautiful glass tile backsplash, including a decorative listello tile border. Their designer recommended the tile colors and design, and this upgrade makes a huge difference in the coach! - Design, creation, and installation of a custom, mirrored and lighted headliner for the salon area. This addition really "jazzed up" the main area and gives it a larger appearance with the mirror and wonderful night-time ambiance with the rope lighting. - Installation of a state-of-the-art in-dash GPS system with DVD and stereo system. - Recommendation for and installation of the Smartire tire pressure monitoring system. We are very excited to have this addition to the coach since we have read that most issues and accidents are caused by under or over-inflated tire pressure. In addition to all of the customization work they did for us, they performed a complete walk-through and inspection of our coach and did minor repairs such as silicone calking, securing loose bay door handles, replacing loose gaskets and weather stripping and an engine service. All of the work they did was on-time and on-budget! Our Service Coordinator, Eddie, kept us updated of the changes and spent time with us explaining what was being done at each stage of the project. We are thrilled with the work Millennium Luxury Coaches did for us! We are excited to begin our travels now and we are confident our coach is ready to hit the road. If you are planning to make any upgrades to your coach we highly recommend Millennium. It is certainly worth your time to check them out and get estimates from them! They can do anything you need. Their number is: 877.322.0190. If you would like to see any before/after photos of the work they did for us, please feel free to let us know and we will gladly share them.
  8. There is a new RV dealership in Orlando, Florida. We purchased a "bank repo" Class A diesel motorhome from them and we are very excited about their sales and service. First of all, we got an exceptional deal from them. Our coach is a 2006 model that had never been put into service, so we got all of the component warranties of a brand-new motorhome. There were a few minor issues with the coach (assuming from sitting on a lot somewhere for a while) and Orlando RV took care of every issue for us without hesitation, even after we took the coach on two adventures. We are new to RVing and if all dealerships and service centers are as pleasant as our initial experience with Orlando RV, we will be "happy campers"!
  9. ----------------------------- Oh my gosh! Those dogs are absolutely adorable!!!
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