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  1. Thanks Brad & Kathy The ATN (really ITN) phone service is advertised in the March Family Motor Coaching magazine on page 37. I could see a $30 and $60 plan for the two of us for the $90 fee. But Rebecca would not tolerate the service if coverage is 50/50. I've seen her throw a Sprint Blackberry over 50 feet in frustration many times. LOL Bill & Rebecca
  2. I have the Verizon Samsung 4G LTE air/data card. I used to have the MiFi 2200. Love them. I have used up to 7 Gb a month when we are staying in a 4G area. I am a retired Information Technology professional and my wife is a retired commercial construction project manager. We both use the Internet rather heavily without streaming video. I was disappointed at losing the "unlimited" data limit when I upgraded from the MiFi2200 to the 4G but the costs of overages is not significant at $10/Gb beyond the original 5 Gb. We used to have a CradlePoint 900 that the MiFi would connect directly to via a USB port on the router. The 4G unit I have now is not compatible with any routers currently. I am using a CradlePoint 95 now and use the WiFi as LAN feature on it. The reason I do this is because I have a wireless printer I can connect to the router and many more PCs can connect to the network in my coach than the 5 limit of the Verizon Samsung 4G device. One of the things we have seen is slowness from congestion of many wireless devices in some parks. A good example is Lazy Days in Florida. We have to watch the broadcast channels of other WiFi devices and try to adjust our devices to avoid those congested channels. We sometimes change our Verizon 4G and CradlePoint to less busy channels to improve our service, lessen conflicts and collisions. We love being able to travel and have our WiFi with us. Only once did we not have any service and that was in Rifle Gap State Park Colorado. 7000 Ft up and in between some steep tall mountains ringing all around. As others have said the 3G Store is your friend. Bill & Rebecca 1999 Discovery 36T, ISB 5.9, K&N Air Filter, Edge Card 1000(think Banks) 2005 Dodge Dakota KA0CZW & KA0TXX
  3. I found that the aluminum locking mechanisim's knurled shaft for the AES 9000 awning was nearly stripped and that the mechanisim could not be trusted. The front awning arm is wrapped with a leather cover that uses velcro to hold it together vertically. It was a home made device to help silence the wind noise near the door. But in strong cross winds the awning would open at the rear arm and bang shut against the side. After finding the stripped lock mechanisim I had Triple A RV dealer in Medford, OR replace that part of my awning and add more tension to the wind up spring. I have not had any problems since. I do now tie both arms at the top to the frame mounting brackets with adjustable bungee cords as a back up saftey whenever a long passage is planned. Especially in Wyoming or Colorado.
  4. The silence is deafening! Makes me want to re-consider my choices.
  5. We are thinking of changing cell phone providers since we are being charged way too much money. Has anyone had any experience with this FMCA benefit? How is the coverage as you travel? Are the costs really fixed?
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