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  1. I have a 2002 Condor. The owners manual contains books for each item in the coach and a little bit about the chassis. My manual was very incomplete. I found it easier to record the manufacturer and model number of the item i was interested in......refer....Transmission.....water heater..etc. Most of the manuals I needed could be found on Google.
  2. If it's a P32 chassis it's probably 8.1 liter Chevy with a 4L80E Transmission
  3. I did the Airlift 1000 Bags. Once I got the old ones out, (the hardest part), putting in the new ones was easy once I discovered you heat the bags in warm water, roll them up tight. and just push them up through the hole in the bottom of the A frame. If I lived closer to Camping World I would have had them done. I understand they're very reasonable. They come with remote fill tubes. Had them about two years and am very satisfied. I run about 85lbs in them and they really stabilize the front end.
  4. Harry Knapp Navy 8 yrs E-6 ET/IC AK, NAM, PI
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