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  1. mdouglass55

    RVing Accessibility

    Photos of a few accessible RV sites that have good accessibility for RVers with limited mobility.
  2. I had the entire cooling unit replaced in January and while traveling down the road the fridge stays cold. But when we stop overnight, the fridge warms back to 45 or 50 and we have had to throw out a lot of food. It now works well on LP, but not so well on electric. We replaced the 12-volt fan to pull the hot air from the coils out, but the new fan runs continuously, 24/7. We just started a new non-profit to educate the RVing community on traveling with disabilities, but we are limited on using the RV due to the fridge issue.
  3. RVing Accessibility Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization enhancing the awareness of the needs for disabled RVers, especially those who are physically challenged and need to know where they can stay and have a meaningful and enjoyable experience. One potential national sponsor has asked us how many people with RVs are disabled. I know that 54 million Americans have at least one disability, but I have yet to find out how many of that 20% of the U.S. population own RVs. I know that 8.9% of U.S. households own an RV. As an 8-year member of FMCA, and being permanently disabled, this is my mission and my passion. I am also trying to find out how many total chapters there are within FMCA, because each chapter probably has at least 1 member with a disability. We are trying to acquire sponsors and donations to help us with the mission of providing resource information to travelers with disabilities whose mode of travel is via RV. RVIA has been some help, but we need more input from the RVing population. Please feel free to post any comments regarding this topic that you feel would be helpful in our endeavor. Thank you, Mark Douglass President and CEO RVing Accessibility Group www.rvingaccessibility.org
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