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  1. Well, thanks to all, but I sit here red-faced. I ran a separate cable from the chassis battery positive all the way up to the starter motor, and everything had power. So I was sure there was an open somewhere in the cable. I opened cable bundles and traced the cable from the starter motor all the way back to the battery box and when pulling it, it was loose -- not connected. It turns out that there are two cables that connect to the positive terminal of the chassis battery. One goes to the thermal circuit breaker and the other directly to the starter motor. The cable to the starter motor had slipped through the hole in the battery box and was out of sight (and out of mind). I hooked it up and everything was fine. A couple of observations: 1. The thermal circuit breaker does not disconnect the battery from the chassis -- only from the DC control panel. 2. There is a splice in both the positive and negative chassis battery cables about mid way from the battery box to the engine. These splices could be a source of resistance due to corrosion over time. Thanks again for the help. Don
  2. Stuart, thanks for your interest. The chassis is a Ford F53 (gas) with the Ford V10 engine. There is a solenoid mounted on the starter motor -- I have not been able to find any others. The voltage from the chassis battery positive to the chassis/engine is 12.7v or 13.6v with the charger connected. I am confident there are no rodent issues -- under coach is very clean and there is no evidence of rodent activity. The DC panel I referred to is the coach-mounted panel. The chassis fuse block has no power to the normally hot side. There was some sparking when I attached the ground cable to the chassis battery. Don
  3. Brett, Thanks for the response. I think I posted this problem in the wrong area, so I reposted it in the Electrical section. All subsequent dialog is there. Thanks, Don
  4. I checked resistance from the chassis battery negative terminal to the engine and found virtually no resistance (<<1 ohm). Also I checked voltage from the engine to the chassis battery negative terminal and it was zero. This should indicate good ground integrity. The heavy wire connected to the starter motor also showed no voltage, which is a real mystery since all heavy wires I can find in the battery area and the DC panel are hot. I have checked all fuses and circuit breakers I can find with no problems found. The wires are difficult to trace physically since they are all in large bundles and go in and out of accessibility. But the only next step I can think of is to start unbundling the wiring bundles to try to do a physical trace. I hate to do this because it looks like a major undertaking. If anyone knows of any disconnect from the battery to the starter motor and the rest of the chassis functions, it would be much appreciated. Don
  5. Yes, it is verified by voltage measurement as fully charged. Also it does charge when the motorhome is plugged in to shore power. Also, the emergency start/battery boost switch does not help.
  6. The two things I can think of that normally work without the ignition switch on are the headlights and the four-way flashers. These are not working. In addition, nothing that requires the ignition switch on are working.
  7. Thanks for the response. I have a single 12v chassis battery and a series pair of 6v golf cart batteries for the coach. Both the chassis battery and the coach battery set have thermal circuit breakers mounted in the battery compartment. These cb's both are operating properly when hand tripped and reset. There is no power to the chassis -- no chassis lights such as head lights and 4-way flashers and no engine cranking. Is there any more specific information that I can provide?
  8. My coach is a National Sea Breeze -- 2007 model year. All batteries were removed for the winter. After reinstallation of fully charged batteries, I am unable to get any electrical power to the chassis. All coach systems are working properly. Both thermal circuit breakers near the batteries are working properly. Any ideas???
  9. My unit is a National Seabreeze (2007). After having my batteries out of the unit for the winter, they were charged and reinstalled. Power to the coach is good, however there is no power to the chassis. The thermal circuit breakers at the battery cable connections are functioning properly. Any ideas????? Don
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