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  1. Seem to be losing coolant over a period of time. As much as 4 gallons over 3 months. Don't have any signs of loss when parked or around the top. Must be losing it when on the highway. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I think it is coming out of the water pump but can't be sure. Planning to go to a Cat Dealer in Fort Wayne, Indiana also not sure if they service RV's. 2005 Discovery 39L Guido42
  2. My fuel gage goes up and down. Sometimes it will stay up and but in a short time it will go to empty. Had a mechanic check the tank outside connection and he doesn't think there is a problem there. Can anyone tell me if there is a diagram from the dash to the tank. My thinking is there is some corrosion somewhere or a bad connection. 2005 Discovery
  3. I have to agree with the 1650 range and about 63MPH. I have found on the C7 Cat. 330 HP on my 2005 Fleetwood,Freightliner Chassis with Allison 6 speed that this RPM works best on 4% to 5 % grades and is where I get the best fuel economy. Less shifting down as long as the grades aren't very long. I do use my Cruise Control a lot but find that in hilly areas Cruise Control doesn't seem the best for economy. Guido1942
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