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  1. Hi everyone... I'm the FMCA's on-the-road reporter and it’s time to head west to Wyoming and, eventually, Yellowstone National Park. And this year, instead of repeating past routes, I thought it would be fun to get your suggestions, to crowd source our trip by drawing on the collected wisdom of our readers and then passing what we find on to our readers.

    In other words, tell me where to go.

    Here’s the particulars:

    I’ll be leaving Kalamazoo, MI about 9 AM Friday June 14. I need to be in Gillette, WY by mid afternoon Monday June 18 for the annual Family Motor Coach Association Reunion and motorhome showcase. That’s about 1,230 miles.

    I don’t want to drive more than 400 miles a day so there’s time to discover cool places, see great things, meet interesting people on the way that we can photograph, video and report about to you on this blog. I’m on the lookout for truly unique places and people. I’ve already written about the touristy things along the way on previous trips. The Corn Palace. Wall Drugs. We reported on the Badlands and Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore last year. So I’m looking to forgo those spots and travel off the beaten path this time. What are the stories along the way unique to the land?

    More info can be found on my blog here.

  2. I appreciate the feedback. We're sold on the B platform. I'm booking CGs now for the long trip but may mix it up with a hotel every few days.

    Here's one question I have: RT makes a big deal out of its macerator. The other B manufactuers - leasureeway, Winnebago and Airstream - use gravity dumping. Wonder that the thoughts are over the two systems?

  3. I have a 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous diesel Class B. I'm contemplating towing but haven't a clue.

    We're about to get a new Honda CRV or a Fit, which I understand are towable with all four wheels down.

    Is the hitch that comes with my RS Adventurous strong enough to tow a car?

    Come to think of it, just how do I tow a vehicle? What do I need?

    Complete newbie questions :-)

  4. We want to travel to Yellowstone from our Oakland County, Michigan home in our Class B Roadtrek and can go the first week of July or, as currently planned, the second week of August. We have 18-20 days that we can be gone.

    My first question is... which time would be the best to avoid large crowds. We're thinking August because that's late in the summer and a lot of families will be getting ready for school. But we're flexible.

    We'd like to see the Bad Lands on the way out, and would prefer a different route on the return.

    Before I try to plot it out, thought I'd check here for the collective wisdom of the forum. Would like suggested daily drives, roads, campgrounds and attractions to see, as well as where to stay in Yellowstone.

    I'd like to do no more than 350 to 400 miles a day so we can enjoy the places we overnight.

    Looking forward to the replies so I can get busy planning.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks for the welcome... also joined the Roadtrek International group.

    We're thinking of the Berien Springs rally. Never been to one before. Looks like it will be HUGE.

    Right now, even though I wish I was on the road instead of being in the driveway, we're finding that outfitting our Roadtrek is taking a lot of time but surprisingly fiun.

    I posted a progress report here: http://roadtreking.com/thoughts/outfitting-an-rv-how-were-bonding-with-our-roadtrek... but I'm wondering what items I'm forgetting that forim readers would suggest?

  6. Just joined FMCA and the Roadtrek Users Group after buying a gently used 2006 Roadtrek RS-Adventurous two weeks ago.

    We immediately left our Michigan home for a 2,300 mile roundtrip shake down trek to Florida. I blogged the whole way, with pictures and videos at http://roadtreking.com

    We're back, ordering some things that first trip showed us we needed, getting ready to install a replacement radio, looking for a better TV and planning our next trip.

    Really looking forward to meeting other RVers and members and will make some of the rallies.

    Let's Go!

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