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  1. I think the OP has Poly Butalyne and PEX confused. PEX is far better than any other options. I've been in the plumbing trade for 40 years and did a lot of repipes in sticks and bricks back in the 90's as a part of the PB class action lawsuit. The main problem with PB though was the fittings not the tubing.
  2. We stayed at the KOA in one of their premium sites last summer. It was nice.
  3. I'm glad you were validated by others.
  4. "Don't ask me why; my personal opinion is that it is loosely associated with dysfunction below the belt. " Interesting that you share your opinions so freely in a safe place like this. How about sharing that same opinion with the next 1%er you see.
  5. We just bought a 2013 Edge to replace our 2011 KIA Soul that burned to the ground. We're waiting right now for our base plates to come in. From what I'm seeing the steering does not seem to lock with the key pulled out. Am I missing something?
  6. Jon796's post reminded me that when seconds count in a life or death situation the police are only minutes away and they may catch the prepatrator before he gets to far away from the murder scene. Er, I think I'll take care of my families own protection thank you.
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