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  1. My mechanic and I need help solving my overheating probliem with the Cat 330 hp in my 2004 Fleetwood Discovery. I have owned it since July 2010. It over heated on a trip from TX to MT right after I bought it. The shop found a bad fan/water pump belt and tensioner needed adjusting. Also several bad hoses and clamps.Fulshed cooling system and repaired and came back to TX without issue. Next trip about two months later interrupted by elevated temp. Back to the shop. Removed radiator with great difficulty because of rusted bolts and nuts. Found lower 1/3 to 1/2 of radiator externally plugged with what looked like dried mud. Cleaned reinstalled and was sure that was the problem. Trip to OU last fall without issues. This weekend trip to beach interruped by serious overheating and a tow tow to the shop for more diagnostics. Anyone have solution or similar story with tips on correcting?
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