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  1. Well, thanks to all of your help, after I posted asking about 4 down or dolly towing, we have decided on 4 down. That said, I'm looking to purchase a 2006 Ford Focus, 2 dr, hatch back as the toad. It is a five speed, manual transmission with little in the way of extras. I know that the car can be towed 4-down by placing the transmission in neutral, and that it has unlimited distance to be towed, no speed restrictions. However, the ignition key will have to be turned on to unlock the steering wheel, which raises the question . . . "Do I have to take a battery cable off, or pull a fuze to insure the battery doesn't go flat while being towed? If a fuse, which one?" I found an owners manual on line, but it did not provide this information. Again, thanks to everyone who help with the dolly/4-down issue. DavDona
  2. I have searched the internet and can not find a listing for 4 down towable autos. Does anyone out there have a recomended site that list towables and their respective restrictions. Thanks for any help.
  3. To all of you that took the time to answer my question(s), I sincerely thank each of you. I'm still debating, but leaning to the bar. That said, the expense of all the gadgets required to tow my present auto, plus the bar, seems excessive. However, I sure don't want to buy a new car just to tow. Decisions, decisions. Again, thanks to everyone. Dave and Donna PS: Jim: What does PITA mean? I got an idea that it isn't talking glowingly about dollies.
  4. We have just purchased a 2005, 40' Monaco motor home. I had no idea that pulling the dink was going to be so darn complicated. That said, we have a Huyndai 2007 Santa Fe, and would like to use a tow bar. However, it appears I would need a transmission oil pump, brakes and the towing equipment, which all sounds expensive and complicated. It would be far less expensive and little needed for car or motor home if we used a dolly. My question is just how convenient is a dolly to use when traveling for several months at a time? Are RV parks equiped to handle dollies? What do you do with the darn thing once you unload the car, and will parks let you keep it next to your coach? Can a 71 year old fuddy-duddy, with a bad back lift the tongue and roll it around if necessary? Several questions, and I hope some one can give me some insight as which directions I should go. It appears that I may have to purchase a different auto to use the tow bar safely. Dave Corbett////Punta Gorda, FL
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