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  1. Thanks all for the help. I finally took my RV to the shop and all it needed was the governor adjusted...a whooping 13 full turns!
  2. Unfortunately mine is an older model that does not have the diagnostics, hence all the darn guessing. New carb did not fix it so hoping this is the next and final before I have to go to the hassle of moving it off the ranch and to a mechanic. Tough logistics.
  3. My MicroLite will not start easy and when it does run and a load (A/C) is put on it it shuts down. I have replaced the carb and verified I have fuel pressure so am planning to replace the computer. Can this be done with the generator mounted in the RV or does it have to be pulled out? Thanks for all the help from the forum members. My RV is kept at my hunting lease so I only get out there to work on it once a month or so which is why the process is taking so long. May just give in and take her to a shop but hate admiting defeat.
  4. Amsoil 15W-40 synthetic. Do some research and look at test results. It is all I've used in my PowerStroke and boat motors. It is a PITA to get due to multi level marketing but I do believe it is the best based on tests. Yes, I realize the tests are published by Amsoil BUT they are independent tests and I have yet to see any other manufacturer publish any tests that show different plus over the past several years you've seen other manufacturers begin marketing "extended drain" oils which Amsoil did years before.
  5. Thanks Charlie and that is what got me thinking as I too have a PowerStroke and the tranny needed a rebuild at 90K and I don't even pull a load. The tech suggested the auxilary cooler as well as the external filter. I will probably do it once I get other gremlins worked out.
  6. The service manual is it! Thanks. I could not find this on Onan's website??? The owner's manual appears to be a bit different variant but is close. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Thanks Rich but that is not the genny either. I am wondering if I have some weird version or if something is missing as I do not see any LED light near the Start/Stop switch. Model is 4KYFA26100E and S/N is F963541420 Next time I am out at the ranch I will bypass the fuel filter and run directly to the carb to at least eliminate one question. Note that I did replace the spark plug and have verified it is getting spark. Also, it is a mechanical control or governer link...definitely not electrically controlled.
  8. Thanks all. Unfortunately, I just bought the RV a month ago and did not check the water level...shame on me. I will likely get two golf cart batteries and replace in a few weeks when I return. I will then also check model info on the charger. I do leave it plugged in as I run the refrigerator. Nothing else should be on or running. Is this a bad practice?
  9. Thanks all. Rich, I have not seen any control board with any blinking lights. Where would that be located? This genny does not have an oil filter (splash lubircation) so don't think oil pressure is even measured. I have changed the oil and it is full. Battery issue (blowing up) happened after the problems with the genny and don't think it is related as the genny had not been run for over a week when it happened.. It never starts easy either hot or cold.
  10. I keep my motorhome plugged in to 30A power out at a ranch and upon returning after a few weeks I noticed the house battery litteraly exploded. I do have a "disconnect" switch for both the house and main battery but did not disconnect either. Any ideas what happened? Should I use the disconnect switch when I leave the MH? Note, I have not checked the voltage while plugged in so not sure if my charger/converter is working properly. MH is a basic 97 Fleetwood Flair if that makes a difference. Not sure if it is a 3 stage charger or something more basic.
  11. I have an Onan Microquiet 4K genny that will not stay running. The tank is full, I have verified fuel in the fuel line and the bowl is full of fuel. I replaced the carb thinking it was gummed up and the genny will still not stay running. I have "jumped" the positive side of the fuel pump and get a clicking sound but I never hear the clicking sound when it is plugged in normally, even when I hold the button on "stop" which should prime it. What is wrong with this thing? When it runs it runs smoothly and generates power to run the motor home but it will only run for 5 minutes or so then stops and re-starting takes many tries. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  12. Thanks Bill. Unfortunately, I purchased from the 2nd owner so I have zero records which is why I changed all fluids immediately. Still toying with the genny but that is a different story.
  13. I am new to the motorhome community and recently purchased a 97 Fleetwood Flair with a Ford 460 and E4OD tranny and am wondering if I should add an auxiliary tranny cooler and filter to extend the life of the tranny. It's only got 23K miles and I just had Ford do a complete tranny flush and fill. Is it worth it and have others done this? Thanks.
  14. Thanks Wolfe. What is the best source to purchase a new carb and an overhaul kit?
  15. Newbie here and sorry if this topic has been covered but I did not see any topics on this particular genny. I just purchased a 97 Fleetwood Flair and the genny will not stay running. The previous owner did not use the genny at all in over a year, unit has 137 hrs on it, gas tank is full, oil is changed and full, plug looked fouled and oily (winterized?) so replaced with new one and verified I am getting spark. It tries to start but will not stay running. I've tried starting fluid and manually exercised choke both ways. I do smell gas so thought it was flooding. I'm guessing I need to remove the carb and clean it properly but wanted to get some expert advice before I waste any time. Thoughts?
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