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  1. Hello. We are considering going from our 2000 Country Coach Allure to a 2006 or newer 45' coach. Have any of you out there gone from a shorter coach to a 45 and regretted it? I understand we will be limited to where we can go in some cases, but the livability is hard to beat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Safe travels to everyone out there.
  2. Thanks to tbutler and kingfr. That is exactly the input I was looking for!
  3. Sorry. What I meant to say is that we would be 2000 under the GCVW with the Cherokee. It weighs around 4800 lbs. What I was looking for feedback on is what I may expect the difference in driving experience with a 4800 lb tow rig compared with a sedan that may be around 3200 with my particular coach. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for the clarification. Basically we would be under by 2000 lbs with the Cherokee. I think my dad was trying to say that a relatively heavy vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee will not be as enjoyable to tow as a lighter sedan. Again, we are part timers and will rarely deal with passes. Our toad will have to function as the family's everyday car as well so we thought the added weight would be an ok trade off. But, I don't want to get into a situation where I will end up stressing out while driving. Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. We have a 2000 Country Coach 40' with a Cummins 330 ISC and are looking for our first toad. The people that owned her before us towed a Jeep Grand Cheokee which is our first choice as well. But, my dad, who has a lot more experience than we do, is saying we would be much happier with a lighter vehicle like the Chevrolet Malibu they tow. So my question for all you experienced RVers out there, is he correct, or would the added weight not be that big of deal since we will be well below our GVW and 1/2 the coach's towing capacity. Since we are not full timers, most of our travels will be within 3 hours of home and only dealing with passes once or twice a year for big trips. Anything else to consider? Thanks in advance and safe travels to everyone.
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