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  1. Thanks all for your interest and responses. I would not for a moment consider installing 295-75r- 22.5, if a 295-80r-22.5 was available, but there are none, at least not from Continental, not in Arizona and as far as I have been able to find (which includes a discussion with Continental); not in the US anywhere!! Of course there are the correct sizes in Michelins, Good Years, and I suspect some others as well! However I was trying to work with FMCA and their tire program, which limits choice to Michelin or Continental. A quick look at that program and you understand why the interest in Continental, $$! There are several suppliers who in their catalogues show 80r's, but don't have any when you get right down to supply. Something else that may be of interest in this matter is this. If you are looking at the tire size/type in Continental within FMCA, and you specify you need tires for the drive axle, you will not see 295-80r-22.5, largest made is 295-75r-22.5, however if you change use to steering or any use, you can see 295-80r-22.5, but there aren't any available!! It seems most tire suppliers/manufacturers are way behind in production due to COVID 19. Hopefully in a year or so, it will get closer to where it was. in terms of supply, before COVID! Safe travels & Best regards to all, Lorne!
  2. My coach is 2006 Beaver Patriot Thunder. I have michelin 295-80r- 22.5 on my steering axle. The tag axle is also 295-80R-22.5 I want to change the four tires on my drive axle and continental does not make that size for a drive axle, the size offered is 295-75R-22.5. If I proceed and install Continentals , I will have 80R on the steering axle, and the tag axle, but 75R on the drive axle! What if any are adverse impacts of doing this. Does it affect anti-lock braking, handling or? Will it shift weight from the drive axle to the tag? Is it dangerous in any sense?
  3. In addition to myself, do we have in our membership others, who are disappointed in DirecTV's approach to customers, now that they are fully merged into and part of AT&T. A brief overview of our situation, We are part timers. We use our coach to escape the heat in Arizona each summer. Sometimes we travel to Colorado and stay there for several months, other summer we have gone to Oregon, Western canada etc. We have DirecTV in our home. It seemed a logical thing to do as we wanted to have it installed in our coach. In the coach we have two receivers, on in the living room, one in the bedroom. Two years ago we installed a Winegard, specific to DirecTV, antenna. Each year when we return home , mid-September, we deactivate the receivers that are in the coach, to avoid paying the monthly fees, an activity that DirecTV fully accepted, then we would re-activate the next May. Not so, this year! When our direcTV account was merged with our other AT&T account (cell phones), because the coach receivers were not added to the merged account. Perhaps because those receivers were not active, but it is suggested that they would not have been, even if they had been active. Now we are told we must have a second account, and we must purchase two new receivers, cost $398.00, (the receivers we have used for the past several years will no longer work). When I asked why, it was because the satellites have changed! The antenna still locks into the same satellites (101,99,103). Now we have to choose a Channel package and pay the monthly cost for it. AT&T now has offered an account suspension option for $7.00 per month (which previously was deativation for free). When I asked why a second account was required it was because the equipment must be in identified in an account with a fixed address. Hence receivers in motorhome cannot be in a residential account. That raised the obvious question What address will be used to identify a motorhome, which could move every day! Answer, that will require you to speak to a different dept., one called "movers". This seems to be money grab by AT&T. They know that many motorhomes or 5th wheels or whatever may have an antenna that is specific to the service provider. Other thoughts? Does our association have a position?
  4. Just replaced the Goodyear tires on steering axle with Michelin 295/80R-22.5 XZA-2. Chose these by checking the Michelin website and followed the recommendations there for an all positions tire. Purchased them through the FMCA membership and the Michelin Auto Advantage program. Not sure what the Michelin's will cost, as I have not been billed yet by Michelin. This will be a one year test run for Michelin's vs Goodyear, if all goes well, plan is to replace the other six, next year. Also added the Safety Plus system to the coach. Will report on findings in a few months. As always appreciate any comments on tires & Safety Plus.
  5. I see where there are numerous complaints related to the RM #7710, mostly related to screen quality and visibility. Suggestions are to wait for model RM#7720. It is available now, does anyone have any comments on this new model? There is also a Model 7715. It doesn't appear there is much, if any, difference between it & the RM7720? Finally, does anyone have experience with Maggellan products?
  6. When I acquired my coach, 4 years ago next March, the dealer sold me for 1/2 price an Easy Care contract. EC has been pretty good to work with however, the rate to renew is quite high. I came across ACC on the web, and asked for a quote. Numbers are less than 1/2 of the EC cost for what appears to be better coverage. ACC includes coverages EC does not offer and has quoted a lower deductible. I share the concern about how good the rates are for the coverage offered, and can find no testimonials anywhere. I called and asked the rep for a source to find how existing customers felt about ACC and he referred me to FMCA. He said they had contracts with many FMCA members, yet none have yet to come forth. Hmmmm!
  7. We have the Blue Ox Adventa and the SMI (Air) system, Toad is a Buick Enclave, wiring uses seperate bulbs. Very pleased with the entire pacakge!
  8. Thanks to all for the comments, we really do appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences. We will follow the route as planned and now have some ideas of interesting things to see and do along the way. Happy trails and safe passage to you all.
  9. Looking for any insight on traveling between Las Vegas, NV. and Bend, OR. Has anyone traveled Hwy 95 North from Las Vegas, thru Tonopah -Hawthorne into Reno area, then out of Reno to US 395 thru Susanville, CA over to I-5 and into Weed, CA., then Hwy 97 to Bend? Any comments regarding the conditions of the foregoing Highways, any cautions, RV Parks near Reno, fuel locations along this routing or anything of interest etc. Traveling in 42' Beaver Patriot Thunder, Toad is 2009 Buick Enclave.
  10. Looking for some views/ recommendations for auxiliary braking systems. In particular does anyone have experience with the Blue Ox Patriot model? If not this system, any comments on what you have used, pros/cons etc.?
  11. We also have Protect-a-Tow, purchased it online from Protect-a-Tow in Manitoba. We have travelled approx. 2,000 miles since installing, mostly in Arizona & New Mexico. Very pleased, it is simple to hook-unhook, very compact to store and cost wise, very reasonable. Highly recomend it !!
  12. I am towing a Buick Enclave behind my coach. The coach has a full-width mud flap. I am noticing fine chips in the windshield of the Enclave, which I suspect are the result of gravel, etc. coming up from the coach. I am looking for a protective bra that would cover my Buick Enclave's front end, from the bumper up over the windshield. Anyone have an idea where I might find this sort of protection?
  13. Deal cocfirmation was posted on Monaco website as completed on June 4th. There is a link that redirects to the Navistar website, which has some limited details.
  14. As of June 3rd. I did not see any acknowledgment of this on the Monaco corporate website? Has anyone been able to confirm this?
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