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  1. Our '06 Tradewinds has a Norcold 1200 Series Refrigerator - went out while it was parked in our garage - had a bad odor and there was a yellow element coming down from the coils. Will not go into all the details but learned a lot in the process - in our search for a replacement cooling unit - was directed to Leon, with National RV Refrigeration, Shipshewana, IN, Phone is: 260-768-7059. He installed an after market cooling unit with more cooling capacity. Freezer stays at about 3 degrees above zero - thermostat is set on 7. Ramon
  2. Correct me if I am wrong - Flying J was purchased by Pilot - what more can I say Flying J had the best diesel prices - kept the competation honest - gone for now. Ramon Van Sickle F274324
  3. I just completed a trip out West and had a problem getting Satellite 119 for my Dish receiver using my Kingdome Stationary Model 9702-LP-B. It seemed that everyplace that we stopped overnight after Gillette, WY the Kingdome couldn't lock on to 119 unless I called Dish. The foot print of 119 is suppost to be good in the lower 48 and all the way up to Alaska. The crowning blow with Dish was when we were in Frazier Park, CA and the Kingdome wouldn't lock on to 119 - called the Dish Tech and was told that he would move my address to Frazier Park - I was then able to receive 119. That is just part of the story - when I got home - received a bill from Dish with the Frazier Park address - Dish had call my local telephone company and taken me off my bundled program. Called Dish and asked them about them calling my telephone company and asked Dish to put me back with the bundled program - can't do that - what is going on with Dish? Ramon Van Sickle Zionsville, IN
  4. I paid a 7% Indiana Sales Tax on the difference between the price of this unit and my trade-in. This new Excise Tax is to replace what was property tax. This is the same way that aircraft are taxed. A lot of aircraft owners in Indiana -- about 50% -- were not paying property tax on their air craft, and probably the same percentage were not paying property tax on their RVs. I don't have a problem with the Excise Tax, but do have a problem with the rate. Ramon
  5. I was looking for some expression of thought about the new Indiana RV Excise Tax. Called the BMV and was told that the tax is based on the value posted by the manufacturer when new. I then asked the tax rate - didn't know. How does this tax compare with other States?
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