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  1. Thank you all for the wisdom and suggestions. The storm is now projected more westward, and winds @ 40 mph with a lot of rain where I am located. I've moved away from trees and using my generator for the next several days. Thanks again.
  2. Good afternoon, I am a full timer new to Rving. I live in a 40 ft Motorhome. I am on West Coast of Fl and considering my options. Winds are expected @ 90 MPH. Is there anything I could do to protect myself from all the rain. I am considering parking in a storage facility or behind a large building where debris will be minimal. Any basic tips would be helpful as I am experiencing a lot of thoughts. I'm filling up tonite. Thinking of heading East. Have enough food and supplies to last a while. Thank you for reading.
  3. Good evening, After much research and internet boards I hope to purchase a Chevy Silverado. Thank you all for the feedback and help. Much appreciated.
  4. I found a great deal on a 95 toyota 4runner. 4X4 has a neutral setting. Has anyone ever towed one of these? Remco does not have a pump for this vehicle, but does has plates and tow bars. I have read a bit about one being able to disconnect a drive shaft underneath the vehicle. Would appreciate any feedback. Ty.
  5. Can any or most 4x4's be towed four down? I am planning on buying a vehicle to tow and prefer to buy a 4x4 if the set up is basic. I just read about the M & G braking system and I have an 03 Tiffin Phaeton with air brakes. Does anyone recommend a toad that is basic to set up? I heard that jeeps are easily set up for towing. Thank you.
  6. Good afternoon, A week later than I thought I'd post about the extended service contract. Cornerstone was great. They replaced my inverter/charger. I paid my deductible and I am running full blast with a well working electrical system in my coach. Be sure to get any pdf file with greater explanation of what the benefits are and take an hour and read over them. This really helped me to be more aware and knowledgeable about what would be covered. I would like to add that Good Sam has been frustrating to work with on several calls I have used them for. I feel like the old lady in line at Wendy's instead of the beef asking"Where's the clarity and service" I will not be renewing my roadside assistance with Good Sam. Ask questions up front about what the service really looks like.
  7. Hello to all who added comments and thoughts. I have just returned from the shop with my RV back to the campground. They replace the entire inverter/chrarger and all was in good working order when I left the shop. I will set up camp and plan to enjoy July powered up. I love driving an RV and living this lifestyle. Thank you again for everyone who helped out.
  8. Good evening, Still struggling with the same issue as I was preparing for a job interview the last three days. I have been running the engine and generator to keep the power up. I have tried working with the remote, checked all the lights on the panel. The remote is set for 30 amps. There are no blinking lights. A question I have when the generator runs are the batteries charging if all is working well? Would there be any difference if I was hooked up to a 50 amp service as far as the inverter issue?(iam guessing not) The inverter needs about 8 screws and a few connections undone to be removed from its compartment. Thank you to all who have replied and been so helpful.
  9. Rain rain rain here today. I am determined to find the issue and have it resolved. I will call Xantrex in the morning and talk with them. I will be able to have an intelligent problem solving conversation much in part from this board. To be continued. I will post sometime tomorrow afternoon. Have a great day today.
  10. Yes it has the remote. The remote say batteries are low. When I run the engine for 20-30 min the batteries move up one level from the low reading. On the inverter/charger itself, I attempt to press in the 25 button, the inverter makes a loud noise and vibrates and kicks out the 25 button in about 10-15 seconds. I turn on the engine to get a battery boost back up. I have been using propane to heat my hot water as the shore power with 30 amps for a 50 amp system is not heating. Shore power does allow me to run one ac and also the microwave, but not both at the same time. This is all new to me, but am learning a great deal. Full timing now for a little more than two months.
  11. I go Monday for Cornerstone. I have a $250.00 deductible. I will say that whatever contract you sign to ask for a pdf, email, or hard copy of all the fine print and stipulations. Knowing I may have to use this service, I called last week and had them email me my contract. I signed a one page contract and was sent 6-7 pages of fine print in this email outline in greater detail what I bought. My issue this time will be covered thankfully, at least from what I have read. I will post about my experience once I leave the dealer.
  12. Brett, Thank you. The inverter/charger is a Xantrex 458 Freedom model. I have flipped the breaker box for the inverter back off and on. I have flipped off and on the two breaker switches on the outside of the inverter. I will call them first thing Monday to troubleshoot before an appt. with an RV dealer. Just wanting now to have this issue solved, but have enjoyed the learning curve and becoming more informed each time. I appreciate this posting board and all who have given their time.
  13. Good afternoon from rainy Florida. I ran my generator and the batteries do NOT charge while it is running. I mis-spoke in an earlier post. What I am understanding is the automatic transfer switch (ATS) allows 120 current to flow from the generator or shore power. Where is this ATS switch located? With the shore power and generator BOTH not charging the batteries, would this signal an issue with the inverter? Is there a circuit board or fuse inside the inverter itself that could be tested? What an experience this has been. Ty
  14. Good afternoon. Here is where I am. Shore power works. Batteries start the generator. The Inverter works fine with the generator running. With the engine running the batteries charge. Where is the switch over point from using the generator to using the shore power 110? Could there be a bad solenoid (sp) switch? Thank you very much.
  15. I will do these steps in the early morning and get back to the forum. I did purchase an RV power surge protector. It shows the rating at about 120 to 122. I did trip the system my post on my second day here. I reset the 50 amp breaker, and have been careful to not run too many things at one time. My gut tells me I am missing something basic, but it could be more involved. I will trouble shoot tomorrow morning and get back to the board. Thank you all again.
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