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  1. Just left the Resort that we've been staying at since Feb 2012 and stayed in Caverns of Sonora (Sonora, TX) and currently on the road to Las Cruses, NM.. Just having issues with dash gages.. left message on Forum and need help as soon as you can get to us. Thank you!

  2. Okay.. We are also having issues with our instruments.. They were working until lunch time today and then stopped and then worked again and now it's not.. Not sure why they aren't working.. We have a 2002 Rexhall Rexair Motorhome (Diesel).. Any ideas on this and how to get them going again.
  3. We are extremely new to this lifestyle. We have sold our 2700sf home in January 2012, auctioned all our belongings, drove to MS and purchased our 40ft, Rexhall, Rexhair Class A Diesel Pusher. We have kids & grandkids in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and had put 3 cars, 2 trailers and several other items in storage until we officially got the motorhome (as we call it, the Hideout). We've been in Dickinson, TX since Feb 19th and since then sold our 3 cars & trailers and recently purchased a 2005 Saturn Vue. We are still learning what things we need and what we really don't need. So we've been downsizing still. Oh What a great feeling it is. Our plans are to leave May 20th and head to AZ for a couple of weeks, NV and then eventually St. George, UT for the summer. We are looking forward to our new journey and meeting new friends. You can follow along with us on our blog at http://stamsrvnadventures.blogspot.com
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