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  1. I have driven a Soul but was told the manual said it could not be towed 4 down. However the FMCA towable guide says it can be with a manual transmission. I am checking with the company.
  2. I sent an inquiry and got the following response: " If your vehicle is equipped with a CVT transmission it must be towed with all wheels off of the ground. If the transmission is a true manual, it can be towed with all wheels on the ground." from Lana Downs Subaru of America, Inc. Customer/Dealer Services Department
  3. I know the Subaru Outback does not have a manual transmission option for the 2015 model year and that Subaru says you can tow manual transmission Subarus 4 wheels down. I also know that they now have a CVT (automatic transmission) with manual mode so was wondering if it is possible to tow a 2015 Outback with the CVT in manual mode?
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