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  1. Come on kids, let's all play nice.
  2. They absolutely DO offer pay as you go service which you pre-pay for 30 days service at a time. The wording after that is poorly done and I understand why you are frustrated about your service. It was "intended" to mean you could turn the service on and off "for 30 days as a block" and not on a daily basis. That also might be their "updated" policy and was not the policy at the time, I cannot be sure as I have no interest in Dish or any other service provider. I just know how it's always been explained to me. You would likely need to look into some kind of documentation provided by Dish and not by Camping World.
  3. Are you referring to the Winegard Sensar Pro or something else?
  4. If you have been able to randomly turn your service on and off on a daily basis you have just been lucky. This is not a service Dish offers. If you don't have anything in writing that says you can, you are not going to have a leg to stand on. Dish has 2 options. Sign a contract and get free equipment and you can suspend the service for up to 6 months at a time but no less than 1 month at a time. The second option is their pay as you go service where you pay (30 days at a time) for the service when you need it. I have heard of a few people reporting they stopped service one month and picked it up again when they added another 30 days. I really am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your service but it really was never designed to work that way. You can drop a line to Charlie Ergen at CEO@dishnetwork.com if you would like to air your grievance.
  5. Your current antenna is a Sensar, just a slightly older version, so the 2 are simple plug and play interchangeable. The Sensar IV has a Wingman built-in and will add to the antenna performance but you need an extra 10" of width where the antenna lays down for clearance. The Sensar has been shown on the RV.net forum to outperform the Jack but it is more directional so works at it's best when the Wingman part is pointed in the direction of the TV towers.
  6. All the current smart phones are able to do this. The new Android platform uses Google Now and it's very good but they both have strengths and weakness. Check out this video. http://www.cnet.com/videos/google-now-vs-siri-the-results-speak-for-themselves/
  7. Even though his post are over 6 month old, you have to forgive him. He thinks phones costs $600-$800 plus $100+/month each. He also doesn't understand how they can be used or that they will power his laptop without the $50/month he is paying to only use the internet on his laptop. He's so far out of the loop that the posts are just fun to read when you need a laugh.
  8. I just bought my wife (bought's not the right word since it was free) the LG G2 (yes, I know the G3 is coming) and I have to say that I actually like it better than my Samsung Galaxy G3. I don't do a whole lot with the phone anyway other than use the various invaluable apps, use the internet to locate best breakfast's and the like in a new town, take lots of pictures, and oh, yeah, talk. The G2 camera (13MB) along with the bright HD screen is really amazing. It can also zoom about twice as far as my Galaxy. Did I mention it was free with the contract extension? Nice features running 4.4.2 android Kit Kat, the same as my Galaxy. We are still playing with some of the features but it's easy to use, simple to setup and it makes the wife happy!
  9. It appears different parts of Canada have different requlations just as different parts of the US. Check this out: http://www.brakebuddy.com/Towing-Laws
  10. If you ever happen to be in the Tucson, AZ area let me know and I will get you the contact information for the folks that recovered our couch, recliner and passenger seats in the most durable microfiber ever! Just had the passenger seat done last month but the couch was done 4-5 years ago and still looks like a factory setup.
  11. It's only 9 miles longer but a much easier drive to take 40 to exit 432 and take 411 into Sevierville and then down to Pigeon Forge. There are some somewhat steep grades on I-40 but nothing you should be concerned about. Find the right gear (go down in the same gear you went up) and take your time. If you see trucker speed limits, use those as your guide to the proper gear and the proper speed. No need to hurry, you will get there but a few minutes later than the guy whizzing by you in the car.
  12. I "had" a very good quote from Blue Sky insurance until today. I called to confirm that they were quoting the same coverage as our current Progressive coverage and it appeared that they did. However, the agent said he wished we had gotten together yesterday as they had a price increase as of today July 1. The quote went from $933 to over $1700! I politely said thank you and goodbye and hung up. I could never do business with a company that handles things that way.
  13. I guess I misunderstood. I thought that in addition to exploring Yellowstone he was also looking for places to stay and visit. Touring Yellowstone from any of those remote locations by toad makes for a very long driving day and you can't do the Canyon in a day. From Williams you could add a train ride to the Canyon and back which I am told is great fun but I would hate to have to drive 87 miles each way to tour the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff!
  14. We are currently at the Black Bart RV park in Flagstaff. It's a nice location with plenty of room. The roads are getting "tired" but they are asphalt and the park has easy in/out and is seconds off of I-40. Best of all, you can have dinner at the restaurant. Some of the best Prime Rib and all the waiters and waitresses will also be performing show tunes for you throughout the meal. We stay here any chance we get. I am still thinking about the dinner from last night. Awesome, perfectly cooked, Prime Rib. If you really like your horseradish HOT, ask for the plain horseradish (not the sauce) but be warned, it is seriously, hot!
  15. Kiley mold is well known and well respected. Sometimes s#it goes wrong. However, you absolutely will get what you paid for and you will get it from the company from which you purchased and at the agreed price.
  16. Unless you are a professional driver, you are looking to travel nearly 1800 miles in 3 days (and upgrade from 2 days). That's over 12 hours per day of driving if you did not leave the Interstate roads. However, to get to Cody you are going to have to do some back road driving that will add to that time. I highly recommend you rethink your current plans. You either need to add more days to your trip or scale back on your destination. 500 miles per day is a hard drive but certainly one that is doable. That would have you traveling 4 days in each direction and very little time to accomplish "the mission".
  17. 101 is a different road from CA 1 also known as PCH 1. (Pacific Coast Highway). You will have no issues driving 101 anywhere you like to go. There are some sections of PCH 1 that very closely follows the coast and while it's a nice and safe drive, it takes a cautious attentive driver and you may need to pull off the road from time to time to let traffic pass. You will not be in any hurry!
  18. Be sure to try places like Color Tile or a business supply tile store. I wish I could remember exactly what the store we found was but they had a full shop to cut and built any countertop but large scrap pieces I was able to look through and pick out what I needed.
  19. The Genie is only wireless if you use the host Genie receiver and their wireless C-41W clients. The clients are NOT satellite receivers so could not be used anywhere other than where the Genie is nearby. That would mean you could bring the Genie plus a wireless client into the RV (plus the wireless router connected to the Genie) but you could not bring a client only as the Genie is the only satellite receiver in the network.
  20. The company is NOT out of business (as you have discovered). You will want to call KVH to get the correct information about what can or cannot be done with an antenna that old.
  21. When we were in Tucson there was a tile and solid surface store. We walked in and they took us through the available samples and when we told them we just need a 4x4 sheet we went into the shop and picked out what we wanted. I hope you can find a tile store in your area that will allow you to do the same.
  22. Go here to register: http://www.rvparkreviews.com/invboard/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00 Don't click on the new messages link but scan to the bottom, agree to the terms and then click Register.
  23. In order for the furnace to ignite the fan must run first. There is a "sail switch" that must sense air flow first before anything else will happen. As mentioned above, the heat is effecting something in the loop so you might want to check that something that is closest to your heat source. Is the heater making it warmer where the thermostat is located? Where the fan is located? Where a circuit board might be located? Once it's warm and running, does it keep running "forever"? Any additional details you can think of?
  24. Since no one here knows what kind of antenna you have on your roof, no one is going to be able to answer that question. What I can tell you is that if you have a dome antenna you will be able to fully utilize your DVR (if it's setup for that) but you will never be able to receive the DirecTV high-def (HD) programming. No dome can, but you will get all of the DirecTV SD programming. If you have a simple manual crank up open faced antenna with a single LNB, the same rules as above apply. In order to receive the DirecTV HD programming you will need an open face, multi-LNB such as the ones made by Winegard, MoSAT Systems and RF Mogul or a similar antenna that is mounted on a large tripod and manually pointed as you move to each new location.
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