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  1. The Razar is an excellent antenna as long as you understand its limitations. This is an antenna that is capable of handling signals when you are within a 20-30 mile range of the broadcast tower and you have a clear view to that signal. An RV parked between you and the signal will have a dramatic effect on your reception. I was 50 miles S. of the LA area and received 50 channels. I was also parked with an RV between me and the TV towers and received about 1/3 the number of channels available from my roof mounted Batwing. The unit comes with suction cups so you can attach the antenna to a window and I suggest you use this option if available. Think about where you are parked and where the signal is coming from and you will have the best success.
  2. The poster asked about DirecTV. Additionally, it will work just the same with Dish but you may not be able to get all of your channels without a multiple LNB antenna. However, depending upon the dish you are using, you might be able to get all of the Dish programming from only one satellite (72.7) but you will need to use the OTA antenna for the Network programming.
  3. What leads you to believe that it is the inverter that is causing the loss of power?
  4. Your tires were built at the end of '02 and it's now the end of '12 so the tires are right at 10 years old. You are likely now on the hairy edge of safety. If you like living on the edge just keep driving, you will be just fine right up until the day you are not! You will not know when that is or know that it's coming, but it is coming, especially since you bought this coach used and you have no way of knowing how the coach used previously. If you prefer to drive around safely I would recommend that you replace the tires as soon as possible.
  5. We stayed at a private park in Orange Beach and really enjoyed the area. Beautiful beaches and plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas.
  6. Yes, that is true and that is what is being done by nearly every RVer who has Dish or DirecTV in there home.
  7. I sure hope you don't really mean your toad weighs 18,000 pounds!
  8. Since your generator will burn very little fuel if what you are trying to do is keep one or 2 electric heaters running I would not be terribly concerned about running the genset to stay warm. I use 2 elect. heaters when in very cold weather one pointing at me and one pointing at the DW and it works very well. Since the genset only uses about 1/2 gallon per hour, that equates to 1 gallon every 120 miles and that's an expense I am willing to absorb. Even if your furnace did work while driving, what is your fuel consumption? You will also likely be warm while it's running, cold when it cuts off and warm when it cuts back in again.
  9. There are 2 parts to the Shaw antenna, the base SK-7003 and the reflector and LNB unit SK-733. I was asking if your Canadian dealer installed both or if you provided the antenna/LNB. The service is provided by Canadians for Canadians in Canada. The service is definitely available in the US but no one can make any guarantees of exactly where. The service is provided from multiple satellites located at the equator but centered over TX and the footprint from the satellites found on the internet show that service should be available in all of FL. You will need to verify that you have a clear view and you don't have anything (even those palm trees) blocking the view to the satellite. If you are certain that you have not one single branch or pole anywhere that could cause you problems I would call Shaw and discuss your issues with them. The have been very helpful to RVers during their travels.
  10. Shaw Direct does work in most of the US and some of Mexico. I will have to do some research on the footprint of the Shaw satellites. Where exactly are you located in FL? Did you buy the SK-733 dish and LNB as well or did you use one that you provided?
  11. You might find someone there, but if all you need is some roof work done you might also want to talk to one of the satellite TV installers. Getting units mounted and cables run is what they do so if you have no luck elsewhere you would have a backup plan.
  12. Have to agree with the others. Your life depends upon those tires. Have them replaced. Accept no other option.
  13. New latches. If they are plastic and you are pretty handy you might try the new Krylon Fusion paints as they claim to work on plastics.
  14. I thought you had to remain in CA for at least 6 months per year to maintain your health coverage. You might want to check on this. As far as satellite TV service, the only service available to Canadians that will have full coverage in the US is Shaw Direct. Bell Express Vu now has a very limited US footprint (N. US only). Internet service is going to provide its own challenges and you will have to determine how long you will be in the US and during what periods. There are pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans available but you have to determine your own wants and needs to determine what's going to be right for you.
  15. The 2 receivers that require the additional SWM kit are the H25 and the HR34 (5 tuner whole house DVR). There is no H35. The kit is required due to changes made at DirecTV and the SK-3005 is fully compatible with all of the other DirecTV receivers. The add-on for the Trav'ler just involves a SWM8 module and a power inserter (PI28 or PI29). These are available online in many locations for as little at $50. Whether it's a new installation or you have to update your current installation, this is a simple and inexpensive add-on. It's just a matter of knowing whether you need it or not.
  16. The best RV parking is on the fairgrounds. It was $125/night last time I checked so it could be more. The next best is dry camping on the grounds (about $65/night) followed by dry camping across the street or up at the Sandia casino (RVers are very welcome). Otherwise, there is no good nearby camping that I am aware of but someone else might chime in. There are any number of campgrounds within 20 miles or so. You might want to check Google, Woodalls and RV park reviews.
  17. We replaced our Sharp with an Advantium oven awhile back and hated it compared to the way the Sharp operated and cooked. We then replaced that unit (long story why) with a GE Profile Convection oven. This oven is so much better than either of the 2 previous ovens that there is simply no comparison. We just cooked up a 10 /12 # turkey for Thanksgiving and had to take a picture of the bird when it came out. It looked that good! This did require that I drill a hole (2?) into the upper cabinet as this unit hangs and does not use the diagonal screw connection to the back wall like the Sharp. I have never found another convection oven that used a similar connection option but then I didn't try too hard either. It that kind of a connection option is available to you I think you will also find that it is a much more sturdy mounting option for our bouncy RV's.
  18. There is an excellent WW Williams location in Tucson. They even have 50 amp hookup so you can arrive the day before and be ready for service in the morning.
  19. Herman, are you saying you were able to use some sort of a P/U to haul 2 - 14 1/2 foot long pontoon boats in tandem (behind each other) or 13' wide if side by side? Plus you had 2 more mounted above these and one over the cab for a total of 5? The 3,000 pounds doesn't surprise me but the layout must have been a work of art!
  20. I would not recommend a magnetic installation unless you only plan to do this for a very short period of time (weeks). If you are going to use this towed for an extended period of time you will hate the magnetic option very quickly (my opinion) and end up having a permanent wiring option installed at a later date. It's so simple and non-intrusive that you will question why you ever listened to the "magnetic people" in the first place.
  21. While I have not done a bunch of research, the longest P/U box length I can find is about 8' and you want to put a boat on that bed that is 14 1/2 feet long that weighs over 500 pounds. That's 6+ feet and likely 250 pounds hanging off the back of the truck well behind the rear axle. I foresee the P/U flipping back on its end! This is a totally uneducated guess based upon some quick numbers but I simply don't see any practical application for this kind of a setup.
  22. You may have a difficult time opening a new account anywhere with only a PO box address. There are several posts suggesting this problem as well as trying to get financing or even a credit card when you can only provide a PO box as an address. The law is creating major issues for the true full-timer who owns no property or calls nowhere home. I have had to maintain a FL address where my mother lives but I was asked to provide a copy of a utility bill (cell phone bill did not count) or rent receipt and that ended the application process.
  23. That being the case, just be sure you buy the SK-3005 (5 LNB, 5 satellites, not 3) so you can receive all of the DTV programming. You only need 101 for your current SD receiver but the antenna uses 110 and 119 to help peak the signal. Once you move to HD, the antenna also receives 99 and 103 for the HD programming.
  24. (I work for Winegard) The SK-3005 (Trav'ler) is compatible with every receiver ever made for DirecTV. The antenna itself does not use the receiver to find the signal and therefore the receiver just gets the signal from the satellite just like any standard home antenna. It's a great improvement over search routines which require the receiver signal to lock on. If you are absolutely certain that you have no interest in HD now or in the future you could buy the SK-3003 which only receives the 101, 110 and 119 signals. It will never be HD capable but you will save around $400. Otherwise, the 3005 will receive the SD now and you can simply change receivers if you want to upgrade to HD in the future.
  25. You do understand that FMCA is in the business of running a business, right? Profit is paramount. Without that profit FMCA will perish. I don't fault FMCA for trying to make a profit, I am just always surprised when "members" question FMCA's motives.
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