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  1. We both wash the coach at times and we both wash the dishes at times. Nothing is only one way in our coach or in our life.
  2. Check it out here: http://www.randmcnally.com/products/rvgps/rvnd7720/index.jsp] Too many features to list.
  3. I am going to get the 7720 as soon as I can get a good price so please do update us when you get your system. It might save me some money! My 2720 Garmin is now 7 years old and their software is getting worse every year.
  4. Who has that much extra counter space in their RV?! If the DW needs a dish washer I would prefer to volunteer!
  5. If you can't any other solution, I just installed a battery disconnect on my van to prevent the same problem. I picked one up at Camping World like this one. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/product/battery-safety-switches/1461 It takes just a second to open the hood and pull the blade.
  6. I agree Brett. If (IF) he needed a new inverter he should install a PSW. Since his inverter is working perfectly well he has different decision to make.
  7. You might have the best knowledge of anyone I know about the equipment from the 70's. You may or may not be aware of this, but the hardware in almost all the RV's today is newer and more sophisticated equipment (like the 458 MSW inverter) than what was installed back then. I hope this does not come as a surprise to you, but what I stated was real world experiences with "todays" hardware. I have seen many posts by many folks that the MSW inverters can cause major issues and should be avoided. I have yet to see one single poster back that information up with facts (lots of opinions, but no facts).
  8. For me? You are thinking that maybe after having run all of this equipment in this coach with this inverter for the last 10 years something might suddenly go wrong tomorrow? I know there is disagree with about the use of MSW inverters with modern electronics, but I am posting actual experience with actual hardware.
  9. Just keep taking it back (or if I were you, don't leave) until they get it right. There is no reason for you to suffer due to a problem you did not create. Make them make it right and then get back to enjoying the coach you paid such good money for. Accept no BS. Either it works or it doesn't. There's really no middle ground.
  10. Or not. My coach has used the same 458 MSW inverter for about 10 years with no ill effects of any kind on any kind of electronics other than the plugged in clocks which won't keep proper time (I use mostly battery powered clocks). I have a 20CF HH fridge, satellite TV, LED TV's, satellite internet modem and router, computers, phones, electric razor and toothbrush. What have I missed? I do believe my MW oven would work better on a PSW inverter but I don't run the MW on the inverter anyway. If I ever have to replace my inverter I will replace it with a PSW inverter, but I will never replace my working MSW inverter.
  11. The 3M system worked amazingly well for me. Yes, you need a drill, but who doesn't have one!? It does take time and it's a bit scary as the lens looks worse before it gets better, but it does get better and it does make a nearly crystal clear headlight lens. I think I posted my before and after pics here somewhere so if you would like to see, let me know and I will try to search out the post. Here's a video how-to for the process.
  12. Since this is a new unit under warranty from the manufacturer and the engine/chassis manufacturer, what has Cummins said about your problem?
  13. I have the exact same setup (but with more batteries) and I have run my household fridge (a 20CF GE Profile w/ ice maker) for over 10 years without issue. I would not change anything or add another inverter. You just need to add more batteries and rig the plug for the fridge into your existing inverter circuit. You should not have any further issues. The charger in your 458 will be able to recharge the additional batteries as well. I currently have 4 12V batteries providing about 1000 AH's and the 458 keeps them up just fine.
  14. For what little I provide these days I thank you very much! Have a great holiday season and always remember that it's about giving thanks and the birth of Christ and not about the all might dollar and Target or Wal-Mart. Hug everyone you know and help everyone you can. Best wishes to you, Tim and Beth (and everyone else).
  15. Remember that this not an issue about personal credit. The issue is trying to get someone to loan money to an LLC and not the person with the great credit.
  16. There is nothing shocking about this. It has been well documented in the past. The bigger issue is the Montana LLC itself. The bank would be loaning money to the LLC and if the LLC defaults they have no recourse for collection from "you" the actual owner. The reason people create corporations and LLC is for the financial protection afforded by these entities. Before putting yourself into an LLC you will want to make sure you understand all of the possible repercussions. It's a great way to avoid paying taxes but there's more to it. In this case you will save LOTS of money on taxes since you are not going to be able to buy and RV!
  17. Oh my God, you didn't buy that thing did you!? What were you thinking! Just kidding, of course. She looks like a beauty. Welcome to the club!
  18. If you don't mind going to the same parks over and over as you travel then the membership site can usually pay for themselves. If you want to "wander" you will have a much greater selection of campgrounds with other plans such as PA. You are correct that many of the membership campgrounds are getting older but the biggest complaint can be trying to find a suitable site at all as some are allowing permanents and others use only 2-3 campgrounds and simply move between them keeping "their sites" pretty well tied up.
  19. I am going to be replacing my 4 current Lifeline 8D batteries but I don't want to pay that much for new batteries. I see there is a new AGM battery out there from Universal Battery at about 1/2 the cost of a Lifeline. Does anyone know anything about this battery or company (I'm OK with it being built outside the US)? Additionally, I am trying to figure out the actual advantage of using 1-8D battery over using a couple of 6-V golf cart batteries to create one 12V. The 8D is listed as 255 AH and I have seen regular wet cell golf cart batteries with rating in the 300+ range. Help, please.
  20. You are welcome. You will have a great trip. We are currently in Idaho Falls, ID. It's 6pm and the temp is 32 degrees. The low tonight? 21! No worries!
  21. If you are under warranty you should have some kind of recourse. If you are no longer under warranty I suspect that you have none.
  22. You mention that you are plugged in. If so, that power should also be recharging your batteries and you will have no need to run your generator. As long as you have propane you should have heat. The only confusing part is that you mention you have no power so being plugged into something that has no power will not help!
  23. If you will be using your furnace, some of that heat is ducted into your holding tank bays and keep them plenty warm. If you use a bunch of space heaters to save on propane you could subject yourself to frozen water lines (not tanks). I agree with mrboyer. I simply connect a hose, fill my tanks, disconnect and drain the hose and use the water pumps for water. You DO NOT need to rough it, your coach should be all setup for this kind of use. You also DO NOT want to winterize your coach as that involves getting rid of all water and replacing it with antifreeze so you have no water of any kind to use. It will be fine. We spent Christmas in 4 degree weather in Flagstaff and had a great time just the same as we would have had in 50 degree weather. Just a bit of common sense and you will have a great time as well.
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