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  1. This is our 2005 Horizon 40FD. It's been a good coach.
  2. I carry a spare. Most rv'rs change their mind after having a flat in the middle of nowhere, waiting for road service, then buying a replacement tire for $750 that doesn't really match their existing tires, so when they return to their home port, they buy a new tire to match the others! (PS.This is a fabricated story, but something to think about!)
  3. Ours is at the bottom next to the center post. I drive an 18 wheeler and that is where they work well on high vehicles, so I mounted my ez pass there on the mh. Never had a problem.
  4. Regional tires generally have stronger sidewalls than longhaul tires. Imho, they are better for motorcoach use.
  5. Our 2005 Horizon has the original Michelin XZE's. Just by coincidence, I have a appointment for next Sat to get my new Michelins through the advantage program. XZE's are no longer made, although you can still find them. I am replacing mine with XZE2's. I got prices from a local dealer thats not in the Advantage program who quoted me $697 per tire. I work for a large trucking company, and they gave me a price of $545 per tire, which was real good. Then I did the Advantage Program through FMCA, and the price was $508 per tire. I guess the advantage program is a pretty good deal!
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    Winding Hills State Park, Orange County, NY
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  8. Don't feel bad, I've been jerking around with our piece-o-crap Norcold ever since the recall fix. It sure fixed it, used to work great, now we get temp swings from 33 degrees to 51 degrees. Its back at th dealer right now for the 3rd time. This is the last time. If it doesn't work right after this, I'm yanking it out. The worst part is, it was a great fridge until they did the recall fix. Should have taken my chances and not done the recall fix. ( if it aint broke, don't fix it!!!) Just a side note, after looking at all the forum posts, I notice the only fridge problems are with Norcold products. I get so frustrated with them, you would think they would make right on these products. My wife and I both agree, if we ever get another M/H, I would never buy one if it had a Norcold fridge in it!
  9. They have had problems with emissions with their engines. They had a exemption with the EPA that expired a while ago, which let them use their own emission technology, but now that ended. You can search MaxxForce on goggle news and see alot of info on the engines. They are now using SCR emission technology to the MaxxForce engine developed by Cummins.
  10. Even if your only getting the 45.8, I would just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!
  11. I too have Xtra ride. Very happy with them.They are a subsidary of Protective Life Ins. Co.
  12. We have XtraRide, used it 3 times now and am very pleased.
  13. Are you checking the MPG at the Freightliner Driver Info Display on the dash? If so, that MPG readout is the average MPG for the life of the vehicle. It cannot be reset by owners. I don't know where they start at (MPG-wise), but they improve as the years go by.I've heard it takes about 150,000 miles to be somewhat accurate. I wish the readout was resettable. My Horizon 40 ISL400 (sister to a Vectra) gets about 8.5-9.25 in real world driving. I drive pretty conservatively.
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