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  1. I couldn't believe it either. - more than doubling in one year!! Other vehicle policies are reducing their rates due to the reduced driving caused by Covid-19. I don't think FMCA is looking out for us on this. Guess I'll be looking elsewhere or just using the roadside assistance that comes with our MH insurance from Hartford.
  2. But that is incorrect!! You must have misunderstood. They do not do upgrades (which was what you were wanting) any more but leave that to the many businesses in the Red Bay area to take on. They do repair work on the coaches whether it is warranty work or not. Coaches under warranty get a modified head of line (every third coach is a warranty repair.) but that's it.
  3. I would agree that there is much more to FMCA than the perks, but Med Assist was the one thing FMCA had that no other RV association did. I can get everything FMCA has to offer from other groups for a lot less money. Without Med Assist, FMCA has nothing to make it stand out from other groups and there is little reason to belong to it. I also believe that many of the chapter related groups such as FCOC and others will also come to disassociate with FMCA as their members begin to rebel at having to belong to FMCA in order to belong to the chapter. There is already a lot of discontent in this area and it will only grow as fewer and fewer members refuse to renew membership.
  4. I understand that we have lost Medical Assist as one of our benefits of membership during the last director's meeting. It is also my understanding it will be available to members but at a very substantial extra fee. That benefit is the main reason why we, and I know many others, have remained in FMCA over the years. While I understand we are trying to reduce expenses, this is not one of the items FMCA should have dropped - it will result in many people getting out of FMCA with the resulting loss of revenue. Instead of growing the membership as they continually strive to do, this will do the opposite - not smart in my opinion. There had to be other ways to keep this essential benefit.
  5. I am currently sitting at a park in Wrangell, AK and have 126VAC (measured with digital multimeter) at the pedestal. Everything except my Kill-O-Watt (it measured 194VAC but is only rated to 125VAC) is working correctly but I wonder how long an over voltage can be tolerated. No air conditioner usage at this time of year so no problem there. I complained to the manager but got the usual "That's what the city is feeding us" which is probably the truth since the voltage is high. Maybe they supply high voltage so it won't drop too low when it gets hot here and usage goes up?
  6. We like to stay at Stagecoach RV Park when in St. Augustine. It is right off I-95 and has several restaurants, two outlet malls, Camping World and Gander Mountain close by. It is about 10 miles from the beach so a toad would be necessary to visit downtown or the beach. If you prefer real camping or the beach, Anastasia Island State Park is very popular and sites can be reserved on Reserve America.
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