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  1. We have a 1997 Toyota Rav 2wd and have towed it twice behind our 2012 Itasca Sunstar.......The Blue Ox tow bar was a used one from the Camping World Dealership. It was GIVEN to us..... One major issue...one of the tow bar arms will not lock into place, as a result we have had to replace several quik links due to the arms not being locked... and stress being placed on the towing system.... I am really upset that the dealership provided us with an unsafe tow bar....Have u any suggestions when hooking this nightmare up ? Maybe just junk the Blue Ox or go after the dealership . Thanks, Pat
  2. Hello, the leveling unit is POWER GEAR POWER LEVELING SYSTEM......The best I can discern is maybe the model # is p/n 140-1226 Thank you for your help.
  3. We have a 2012 Itasca Sunstar.This unit has an automatic leveling system, but the three times that I have attempted to level it using the automatic feature, it has raised all the wheels off the ground. I know that this is not right. So, I have had to use the manual feature to properly level the coach.....Am I doing something wrong here? Thank you, Pat
  4. Bill, makes total sense....I will just hook up a second receiver to the bedroom tv. My roof top is an 18" winegard-crank-up Thank you, Pat
  5. We bought a new Itasca Sunstar which had a 19" Jensen tv mounted on the the coach' wall.. There is a port in the wall for a coax ( roof top satellite). My question, I cant get to the back of the tv to hook the coax up....DO I have to remove the TV set from the mounting? How do I go about that task? Thanks, hope someone can help me. Pat
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