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  1. I had a intermittent solenoid on my 2004 Cummins ISC. Mobile Mech. knew what the trouble was as he has run into this problem on a lot of coaches and farm equipment. Came back the next day and R&R'd the offending part. That was nearly four years ago--no problem since.
  2. Latch operates but won't open the entrance door. Key operates both dead bolt and latch lock, both manually and with the remote, but door won't open. I suspect the internal link between outside latch and door jam pin is broken so how do we get into the coach? All windows (double paned of course) are locked. 2004 Fleetwood Revolution 40 C. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Norfold 1200 refer section has been operating fine since 2004. Now it starts out at 40 degs in the AM and climbs to 50-55 degs during the PM. Replaced thermal senser, installed fan system next to upper fins, checked for obstruction in the flue area, installed new senser 2ND fin, and made sure of current upgrades (recalls). Freezer is -9 to +5 degs. (Happly zone) Same for both electric and gas modes. OS temp is in the 80's, 60'so at night. Coach side is in the shade most of the day. Checked Norcold pdf manual... Help!
  4. Temperature reading was 62 degs on all batteries. The float charge is still @ 13.4 vdc?
  5. We have had a Freedom 458 inverter motorhome for 11 years and it has been trouble free. It seems to keep my four Trojan T-105s happy. Last February, we did our usual breakfast morning and the voltage was 12.0 v (it is usually 12.2 v). This occurs now, often. Batteries are 25 months old, fluids are regularly checked, terminals clean, and hydrometer readings are constant all across. Yesterday, when checking fluids, I thought about what the voltage was in the float mode. It read 14.3 vdc and I believe it should be a bit higher. Huge amount of storage capacity loss between 14.3 vdc and 14.7 to 14.8 vdc. Am I wrong? We are planning for an Alaskan tour next year and might be dependent on some serious dry camping. The more storage capacity, the better I will feel, plus the DW won't nag me to turn off the generator as it seems to take longer to reach charged capacity. Scotty (person who lives with "can you turn off the generator now?")
  6. You might have to hunt for a fuse panel somewhere in the rear of your coach. I found mine hidden behind the batteries on the right side of my coach.
  7. It took 2 years of RV rallies, numerous out of town trips to different dealers, and a whole multitude of fellow RV'ers advices from different campsites to find out that we needed a DP. Let go of our faithful Prowler 5th wheeler and bought our retirement home--a new 40' Fleetwood Revolution in 2004. We named her "RSHATOW". Odometer is at 60,000 miles of adventure. Just can't get enough of the good ol' USA.
  8. Thank you Rich. The "Bussmann" box was mounted on the wall behind the house batteries. One 10amp fuse was replaced and all is well again. Scotty.
  9. Thanks for the info. Calling Fleetwood after the financial crash is a bit confusing and I'm still looking into Freightliner for some help on this. Main fuse panels are three-one under the driver side outside bin, another underneath bed, and in the battery bin (won't fool around in there as it doesn't seem owner friendly). Ahh, the search continues... Thanks again.
  10. I'm new here so here it goes. We own a 2004 Revolution 40C diesel motorhome and I can't find where the fuse panel is located between the trailer electrical receiver and the main fuse panels (that I can locate). All the exterior lights on the coach are functioning correctly but I have a no-show volt readings on the rear bumper receptacle (ground terminal is OK). I borrowed another dingy {as ours was in the shop} and went to plug it into its receiver on the borrowed toad and..... The wiring was different as I just "assumed" they were wired the same. I chased the wiring until it disappeared into the undercarriage so now I'm now without a clue as to where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.
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