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  1. Thanks for the help That's exactly what I was thinking.. There's not much near there I will probably have to drive about 1hr to get to where I am suppose to be. But in my opinion that's better than staying in a hotel..... Tim
  2. Hello I'm planning a training trip to Sharpsburg, Ga the end of June. Need a nice campground for the family for the week Any suggestions??? Thank you Tim Darnell
  3. Figured it out.. The output of the relay/solenoid went to a square device. The device was a resettable fuse. The reset was on the side of it where I could not see it. Thanks for your help... Tim
  4. Hello. I have a 2001 Damon Challenger. Everything works fine when the shore power is plugged in. When I unplug the shore power and turn on the battery disconnect the only items that work are the antenna power supply. No lights, Frig, nothing. So.. I changed the house batteries (it was time to do it any way). Still nothing and all batteries are charged. The converter is functioning and delivering 12v to the 12v fuse panel under the bed. I checked voltage at the relay in the front and it was working. 12 volts was being turned on/off bit no power to the 12v fuse panel under the bed. Is there another CB or switch anywhere that I am missing? I have had this unit for 3 years and it has always worked.... Tim
  5. Looks great.. I live in a log home and the best thing that I see is that you won't have to stain the outside!!!
  6. The engine is a V10 Workhorse chassis I change all fluids yearly We put any 4000 to 5000 miles/year. Thank you for all of the comments. greatly appreciated. From your advice I think I will change all belts and hoses ..... Tim
  7. Hello Ok..I am somewhat newer to the Class A RV lifestyle. I have a 2001 Damon Challenger with 52000 miles. It runs great! The body is in good condition with no delamination at the exterior. The only problem we have had is the typical decal issue. That was fixed by taking off the decals and polishing. We have had a few minor other issues with rot in the setp-way into the coach but again - easily repaired.... We may also re coat or replace the roof liner. Again, no rot but just maintenance.. The question I have is this. What can be expected (average) for usability as far as miles go before major work may need to be completed. I own my own company and am thinking about putting company decals and re doing the inside of the coach (new flooring and furniture). Maybe spending @$2000 or so for odds and ends. The coach runs great but I am curious on others thoughts to this. Thanks again, Tim
  8. I am looking for some recommendations for campgrounds near Mackinaw or the UP closer to the bridge. WE are thinking about taking a trip in September. Thanks in advance Tim
  9. Trying to plane a trip to the Ft Walton Beach/Pensacola Fla area some time in April or May. I am looking for a nice campground on a beach to stay at. We have 4 kids under 10 )) Need to keep then busy. Any suggestions would be great!!!! Tim
  10. Thanks, I didn't even know there was one. I guess that's why I asked ))
  11. Hello, We are new members and are looking for some good RV parks near Mammoth Caves (KY) and the Creation Museum in the Cincinnati/KY area. We have a 35ft RV and will be towing a car. Thanks, Tim
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