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  1. While our Class A was being repaired at a dealer in Texas, they decided to "winterize" the fresh water tank. They used something pink and it clogged all the faucets and shower head. I have cleaned & flushed the tank several times, and even added bleach but the water still smells like something died in it. I've had motorhomes for over 30 years and I have never winterized one and I have never had a problem with smell. Any ideas?
  2. Check out an Air Card, it is not WiFi and is much faster than DSL. You can also check out a cellphone that doubles as a high-speed modem. I have Sprint service with an HTC Pro 2 phone. It can be used as a "Hotspot" for WiFi or as a "tethered" connection by USB cable. For the money, ($30.00 / month for unlimited data & texting). We find this to be the best of both worlds.
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