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  1. Cedarcide.com We put down Cedarcide every couple of months, whether we’re home or not. Have not discovered any evidence so far either. Mikey ’18 Berkshire 40B f464920
  2. Rewillia, check out www.habsontheroad.com. Vernon installed LED lighting on his coach and chronicled it in his online blog. Thinking about doing same once we settle in South Florida for the winter. Mikey ’18 Berkshire 40B F464920
  3. It’s not only the RV manufacturer, but seems the chassis dealer is following the very same service model that RV manufacturers follow. We live in a suberb of Houston and have the same levels of “service” from Freightliner now. I am in agreement agreement with “Mypopslou” on his point of developing a good relationship with the factory personnel. There was a response that QC was a problem, that folks in the truth! If QA/QC were effective, we wouldn’t need warranty service nearly as much! Service has received more than a fair amount of criticism (mostly justified); I don’t see that fact changing any time soon either. From across the room “Enough ranting Mikey” Mike Young ’18 FR Berkshire 40B F464920
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