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  1. Wow, that is cold. We see that there is a "Day After Tomorrow" snowstorm moving through the US and bad weather throughout. Heard that forecast for game day is around the 20 mark. But it is played under a dome inside, right! Here in CA it is to go down to 34 for a couple of nights-too cold for heat pumps to operate. Went down the road and topped up propane tank.
  2. Well, I hate to admit but Linda and I have found a system that works well for us. We use hand held walkie-talkies but she maneuvers the coach at the campgrounds while I am outside guiding. Hers sits in the coffe cup holder so she can hear me. Besides that I am quite fussy as far as the position of the coach especially when we park for a month. She is disabled and unable to guide me but yet I trust her driving skills. Did I mention she has no license, is blind in one eye and lost a leg in 2002. She does all the set-up inside-slides out, jacks down. etc.
  3. $95.00 per hour was the latest we paid at a highly rated shop but dealers quote rates of $110
  4. Quite familar with cold weather and slides will not perform well, let us say below 20 degrees. There is no hydraulic oil heater on motorhomes so when operating the hydraulics you are putting a lot of pressure on the cylinders and lines so of course the slides will operate slowly. No amount of interior heat will help your seals or operation of your slide. Also the awnings(or slide toppers) will be frozen so again this will cause serious problems. Best thing on an overnight stay is not to use the hydraulics when in extreme freezing conditions. An electric bedroom slide can be used but retract before the outside temperature gets worse.
  5. Of all the extras on a coach the Sani-Con system (macertator) is one of the best add ons. It is an easy and glove-free system of handling your sewage. A simple( 20 foot) 1 and 1/4 inch hose that is flexible and easy to maneuver. What is surprising is that we seldom see other coaches with the system. I have had two problems with it over the last couple of years-a screw was caught in the blades of the macerator, and my grey water bypass has blocked up briefly. The grey water tank empties on its own through the bypass and we pump the black every four days or so.
  6. Linda and I had quite a chuckle(I should say laugh) over your blog. We always experience similiar experiences with our homes on wheels. Now we had company over for dinner one night and Linda took this hot dish out of the convection microwave. She didn't drop it but did spill a lot of gravy all over the carpet. I knocked over a bottle of beer, had a couple of floods(left the bathroom tap open while filling up the water tank), and of course dog accidents! Shhh-traded the motorhome and didn't tell them.
  7. We are always logged in once we go to the FMCA website and never have to sign in. Even being off-line for extended periods. Not that I am much of a computer person but does that not depend totally on your own personal laptop/browser?
  8. We agree, Todd. Sometimes there is getting too much banter back and forth. Some of the forum discussions would be more suited to a blog format. I frequent the site less as there is so much off-topic banter. Less and less useful information is being exchanged. I was wondering why the website was less active and perhaps you explained the reason why. I am one to talk!! I certainly enjoy a bit of fun and can have a dry sense of humour (Canadian spelling, eh). Sometimes, though, this good-natured banter can be interpreted as being serious, especially online. An example of this was some time ago there was a long story of a Canadian border crosssing by a member which I assumed was meant to be humorous. It was quite offensive if one took it seriously. I replied to that post indicating that a border crossing was stress free and quite normal. However, many visitors to the site would avoid the Canadian border if they took the story as serious. Criticism will come your way, Todd, but something had to be said.
  9. Personal preference only. Would go with Goodyear or Michelin. Used Cooper in the past for car tires but motorhomes have always had Michelin, My new one has Goodyear.
  10. Canada is the same. If you hold an out-of-country drivers license and are legal where the license is issued, you are allowed to operate the same vehicle on our roads, Here in Ontario I must have a Class D(a heavy truck license) plus a Z endorsement(air brake qualified) to operate mine-29,000 lbs with air brakes. However my son with regular Alberta license is legal to drive it. Point of interest-that son of mine has been transferred to Fresno. Imagine that!!i
  11. That is quite a well known campground. A lot of the members of Safari International Club(a chapter of FMCA) use it on a regular basis.
  12. Sorry to say-that breakfast would not suit me. Don't like fruit except in pies. A good friend of ours usually makes me a bunch of rhubarb pies every year. Delicious!! Any rhubarb in Texas?
  13. I got it! Igot it!! Viewed your profile as Wolfe10 suggested-hadn't seen that photo. You bet - all in good fun.
  14. Have you been drinking Wayne? I know I've had a couple and can't figure your joke out. But I never joined the army. As a Canadian I tried to join the US marines back in 1968 but at that time no more of us were being accepted. When we meet explain the joke. Eh!!
  15. This year spring and summer have flashed by. Your blog sounds like our summer has been. We covered many miles but quality of time spent actually enjoying the aspect of travel has not been there. A quick trip out west for the birth of a granddaughter, stayed there too long(2 1/2 months), and a fast return trip as the whole family made the trip back with us for the christening in Linda's church. Now we are leaving this weekend for Ottawa for a month for our second son's wedding. Coming to the conclusion we may go full time in the spring as this past 12 months we have spent half the time in our coach!
  16. Bemidji-that place rings a bell. Right on US 2 which we quite often travel. We stayed down the road just east of there in Cass Lake, MN.
  17. A central vac came with our unit. It is positioned at the back under the bed and takes up no room. Trouble is the hose barely reaches the front and we have no carpet beater. The hose stretches like an elastic band so when it gets away on me it retracts like a coil to the bedroom. Very noisy of course so the DW and dog go outside when I vacuum. Has been my job for years!! Certainly has the power but I find a portable unit is easier to use to get into all the nooks and cranies!!
  18. We were much the same. Second year we began to tow and our car cannot be flat towed either. Having said that any car can be towed with modifications like a quik disconnect to the driveshaft,etc. But we went with a tow dolly as well made by Forest River. Cost is up aroud the $2500 mark. Comes with electric brakes and all lights. Of course then you need a brake controller installed on the motor home. The tow dolly is easy to connect/disconnect and not heavy at all when moving by hand. Strapping the car onto the dolly is something that you have to gain some experience on. Keep the straps snug but not tight as the car does flex a bit on corners. Cornering is quite easy as the dolly follows directly behind in the same path as your motorhome. P.S. Should have mentioned that your car also has to be wired so that taillights work off the dolly-garage does that for you.
  19. lpfdon

    Tires For Tow Dolly

    Didn't get any feedback so I studied tire ratings online. Found out that 98% of tires today are "R" rated(radial) and that "D" are bias ply. Also talked to the local tire shop and have ordered two ST 205/75R14 tires plus 14 inch rim. Now I will have a spare. ST ratings stand for trailer tires. Blowout could have been a result of me not maintaining maximum tire pressure of 50 pounds. Thought I should run like a car at 35psi but the tire shop said the higher tire pressure is neccesary to prevent heat build up. The smaller tow dolly tires are spinning at twice the rpm's to keep up to the 22.5 tires on the coach. Answered my own question!
  20. We travel much like Wayne. A destination is in mind "let us say" a thousand miles away and will make inquiries ahead of time as to campgrounds at our destination. The route on how we get there is more a day to day adventure. On our 2200 mile trip west we ended up staying at a Casino, a Flying J and a couple of campgrounds. We will call ahead if we know of an upcoming campground and it is getting late. Otherwise we are self sufficent and will find a place to spend a night. We don't overnight at Walmart as we hear of more incidents of people getting tickets. Simply put that is because of more campers abusing the priviledge.
  21. lpfdon

    Tires For Tow Dolly

    A tire shredded on my tow dolly last holiday weekend. We sat overnight at a rest area until the next morning and then went looking for a tire (we don't carry a spare). It was hard to find 205/75 D14, although we did eventually. But now the tires don't match. They're identical in size but have different manufacturers. What now -- is that safe? Should I buy two more identical trailer tires and install them? Why would I need D-rated tires? Could I not just use a passenger tire with a R rating?
  22. Suddenly my hydraulic sysyem has failed-jacks are down and slides out on my 2009 Monaco Safari. So I am stuck. But our dealer-Bella Vista RV-is sending a crew down making the three hour trip(one way) to fix the problem. Reading up on this problem online it seems to be an ongoing problem with a faulty seal on the Lippert pump which allows fluid to leak into and burn out the electric motor. Being that it is happening to new Monaco products there is no warranty. Does this sound familiar to anyone else or any feedback?
  23. Border crossing-no problem. Last time there was four questions- What is your citizenship? Where are you headed? Do you have any fruit? What is your license plate on both coach and car? Thank you and have a good day! Be polite, respectful and answer questions without hesitation. Come up and visit-spend some US dollars!
  24. Edmonton!!! Have been here for two weeks at Whitemud RV park for the birth of our granddaughter-snow and quite cold as I am sure you know. Sound like you spent enough time on research and wish you luck with your coach. Here in Canada we call them all motorhomes but it seems(I have learned)the proper term is a coach for the Class A models. Same engine and chassis as mine and not many miles either.
  25. Hence the nickname-"CITRUS"
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