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  1. Have a 2000 Monaco Dynasty. The over the range microwave/convection oven won't come up to proper heat...fixit guy says parts are no longer available. Any ideas on good replacement units? Seems like Sharp is no longer making them. Am looking at a GE profile, but I need the kinds that mount with a long bolt from the bottom, to the backing plate. Does that limit me to certain makes? Just starting my research...thanks for any ideas.
  2. Thank You for your help. Think I found my switch--about 7-8" down from the knob which activates the system, at the driver's control panel.
  3. Hey, thanks guys, for the info on the tank...good advice. I do close the valve when sitting,BUT; I think I figured my problem...when securing from a trip last, I rinsed the tank and hose, then promptly forgot to add water to the tank!---no wonder I had flies!--have since cleaned and rinsed...motto-don't forget the fluid! Thank you again...a mind's a terrible thing to waste!
  4. "Park Brake" dash warning light stays on when the brake is disabled. Brake is surely off. Probably an air actuated switch, but any ideas where it would be? Have a 2000 Monaco-- class A...no response from the folks there. Thanks for any ideas.
  5. Is it possible to pick up flies from a campsite plumbing system? I flush regularly, using a non-formaldahyde treatment. We noticed them after returning from a trip at another campsite. Thinking of squirting a couple of blasts of insect fogger down the toilet, but not sure if that's bad for the plastics. Any ideas?
  6. Thank You all: Sleep is better with knowledge of the systems. Hope to see you down the way.
  7. Thank You for your reply: My voltage to the coach is most always in acceptable range ... I'm reading my voltage fluctuations from a plug-in a/c monitor. I realize I'm reading only 1 leg, which is probably sharing the appliances pulling the load...and even then, it only dips to 109-110. I' m managing my energy by limiting what I run and when. I think you answered my first ?--haven't gone below 108...and your second answer makes sense--that step-up transformer would pull more voltage. I wasn't sure if it would only pull it when it sensed it needed it. Guess the surge protector is sufficient for most of my plug-ins. If I'm overlooking anything--holler. And, thank you again for your input.
  8. On the "carefree of Colorado" awnings, are there any specific areas to lubricate, or just any moving parts in general? System works well...just want to stay on top of it.
  9. Am 6 months into learning rv full time life... loving it! Have a 2000 Monaco Dynasty...previous owner appointed it well--I have, and use, a good surge protector, but wonder if I should also use the RV voltage booster as well. It runs the voltage right up there, but is that ok to have more than enough voltage for the protection against damaging low voltage, or am I just being too **** anal?
  10. Thanks for the reply guys; will try a couple of different voltage dimmers and advise.
  11. Just picked up a nice used Monaco coach. LED lights are installed with the original dimmer. At low power, they flicker. Do you need a special dimmer to get rid of the flicker? A 12 volt system.
  12. hope I'm in the right place to ask a related question. I'm a newbie, just moving off a boat to a coach. Getting a 2000 Monoco Dynasty with air system leveling. Am I being too anal, thinking if I'm sitting for an extended period of time, should I include some kind of jack system to get the constant weight off the tires?
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