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  1. Light was factory installed but is not on wiring diagram. It works when using test leads directly to battery. The no load voltage is approx. 13,2 but when using OEM connection under load the voltage drops to 3-4 volts. This has all the classic symptoms of a bad ground. I have access to a circuit tracer but it must be used with no voltage present. Guess I could use the storage disconnect and spend some more time with wiring diagram. Thought it might be on the headlight switch. It is not a lot of fun working on the roof in 90+ degree temperatures. I could rewire it but I have spent enough time installing two flat screen TV's and it is time to get some enjoyment from my coach. Mac
  2. I had an over temp switch fail and gen would run for short time and then shut it down. I think the problem was the high ambient temp combined with the road temp and the temp safety switch working as designed. MT
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