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  1. Wow! Mike and Jennifer this is tragic in the extreme. Our thoughts are with you and we hope the police find the "bad guys" and that your insurance company comes to its senses. What a tragedy for you both but thank GOD Tai was not harmed. Don't know what else to say such a nightmare .... good to read you are continuing with your trip From fellow Roadtrekers Graham and Jay PS: I/Graham can relate to "Are you sure you locked..."!!!!
  2. Thanks Mike, we have learned very similar lessons during four years and three mega trips covering Canada coast-to-coast (this year was two months in Newfoundland - a must visit wonderful people and scenery). Re your top-ten: I totally agree with your 1-5 (re 3 when we returned across the US last year having crossed Canada - Ottawa to Vancouver Island - we were proud that we only spent 100 miles on the Interstate all the way from Portland OR to WashDC), for 6 we aim for under 200 miles a day, re 7 we have a Popular 190 and leave the bed made up (it's just too much of a hassle making it every day, also it is always then available for an afternoon nap!), re 8 we prefer to eat in for most meals (better for our diet! ) and only eat out when the local cuisine is special like lobster and various local cod dishes in Newfoundland, we haven't tried winter camping yet and finally I agree re thinking carefully about purchases (I had considered folding bikes but a bike rack and our townie bikes work just fine) and we have also found we pack less "stuff" the more we travel and learn. Cheers and Happy Roadtreking Graham
  3. This past summer we spent 3 1/2 months crossing Canada from Ottawa to the west coast of Vancouver Island and back across the northern US. It took 8 weeks to cross Canada visiting more than 40 local, regional and national museums, historical sites etc etc. Yes taking the time to learn about the local/regional history certainly enriches the experience. We also keep a detailed daily journal so we don't forget stuff for the Trip Reports I write later. The year before we spent 8 weeks in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in our Pop190. Again we went SLOWLY and visited heaps of museums etc. For 2014 our destination is Newfoundland - my Christmas stocking stuffer was a fabulous book on the history of Newfoundland that also gave me lots of ideas as to where to go of historic as well as scenic interest. With Newfoundland explored I will be able to finish a book in progress that details our travels Canada coast to coast plus what we learned about Canada's social history (exploration, development and settlement) in time for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Happy Treking in 2014 Graham
  4. Mike and Jennifer, Last summer Jay and I spent 6+ weeks in our Popular 190 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with a short excursion to Prince Edward Island. We covered most of the entire coastlines of NS and NB plus some routes in the middle. It was a wonderful trip. If you would like my Maritimes "Trip Report" just send me an email gsquaredspace@gmail.com. Next year we will be touring Newfoundland. Four weeks ago we returned from a 14 weeks adventure from Ottawa to West Coast of Vancouver Island and a return Oregon Coast then Portland to Washington DC (via Tetons, Yellowstone, etc etc.) and then Ottawa. It was an amazing trip. We can certainly recommend you see Oregon (be sure to spend some time at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City). Cheers Graham
  5. We have been back one week after 109 days from Ottawa to Tofino (west coast Vancouver Island) to Portland OR to Washington DC and back home. A simply fascinating and educational 16,627km/10,392 miles trip. Unpacking is done and our Roadtrek P190 has been winterized. Tomorrow I take it to its winter parking spot - so sad! But! 'already planning next year's Newfoundland adventure AND sorting 5,000 photos from this year's big trip.<br />Cheers<br />Graham
  6. AllStays is my favourite campground App also. I used all the way across Canada and back across the US - we'll be home in 5 days after 15+ fabulous weeks on the road in our Roadtrek 190 Popular. The App was invaluable and by far the best of the five or so I have tried. Cheers Graham
  7. Thanks Mike for another interesting blog. We are currently into week 14 of what will be a 16 weeks wonderful adventure by the time we return home in Ottawa. Our trip across Canada (all the way to the west coast of Vancouver Island) and back across the northern US that included Yellowstone, Black Hills etc etc. 14 weeks in 92 square feet has confirmed our enthusiasm for our Popular 190, and our marriage is very much intact!!! The Pop 190 allows us to travel the "roads less travelled" (during the entire crossing from Portland OR to WashDC we only travelled 60 miles on the Interstate). It is such a privilege to make these trips as a retiree and take all the time we want. Most days we do not travel more than 150 miles and never faster than 50mph. I have filled two large note books with daily entries of all we have seen and learned. It is my habit to write a trip report after each excursion so we don't forget and can re-live the adventure during the LONG Canadian winters!!! Cheers and keep up the good work. Graham (Gibbs)
  8. I agree with #1 as we have travelled in our Roadtrek Pop190 across Canada and now back across the US - we are still en-route and currently at the Mount Rushmore KOA - we have had some awful sites and now since we are are out of season check them before registering. I have given up on the Dirctories too much paper and not accurate. Re #2 we have been fortunate ... We are in week 12 and so far have had a propane regulator failure (scary), Chevy AC failure, Toilet valve failure and recently waste pipe separation (I drove off to let vehicles pass but there was a dip that broke the connection - I was able to strap the pipe so it did not drag in the ground and we limped the next 50 miles to Sheridan WY). On all occasions we got lucky by using small town RV Service Companies or just "local garages with guys who can fix anything". For example our waste water pipe system is now better than original thanks to Mike in Sheridan WY at Tongue Desiel. Bottom Line go to small town locals for your en-route repairs. Graham
  9. Thanks Mike and Jennifer for this and your other recent blogs. My wife and are on our way across Canada in our Pop 190. We will be heading back across northern US by late August early Sept and are taking careful note of your MT/WY blogs so we can follow in your footsteps!! Thanks for the frequent posts Graham and Jay
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