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  1. A bit more information on my tires for those asking. My tires are OEM and my coach purchased new at the end of 2011. I run 100 PSI all around with approx 30,000 miles on her. She has been stored indoors the entire time other than on excursions. The tires look great with lots of tread and no cracking on the sidewalls or uneven wear. It's only because they are 8+ years old that I am looking. As for the noise, the wife says it is road noise, I'm not sure since my ears aren't like they used to be. Thanks ...
  2. Which brand of tire would be best for a 42' tag axle Class A? Currently I have Michelin 275/80 R 22.5 XZA3 but the wife says they are a bit noisy. I'm unsure of what is out there that would keep the noise down, good wear and tear, and driveability. I need all 8 tires and I'm not looking for the cheapest but most certainly not the most expensive either. Thanks for any suggestions...
  3. 2012Sam

    Tire Pressure

    I'm very confused with all the weights and tire pressures. I'm running the Michelin XZA3 275/80R 22.5 LRH, I had it weighed yesterday for the first time and all they were able to give me was steer axle 11680 lbs, drive axle 22940 lbs (includes tag), then had me back up to weigh my tag that came in at 5800 lbs by itself. Side walls tell me to run at 120 psi and I have looked on line and found charts that tell me to run anywhere from 120 to 80 psi. What do you seasoned RVer's run at ? Sorry and confused and thanks for the help...
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