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  1. I understand the motor is from a Windshield motor. You might search IRV2.com for details. Dale Johnson
  2. I had to replace the bulb in the one in the bathroom. No way to get at the back of the LED so I drilled out the circuit board, found a high intensity bulb at Radio Shack and put the correct size resistor in series. You need to drop about 10 volts at the rated current.
  3. Some time ago, we got a vinyl transfer that was huge for the rear of our TREK. We supplied the digital photo and they sent it to us in a tube. Went on NICE. I have no idea of the name of the company but try googling and you should find them
  4. I second the problem with the Slide Topper. Driving with significant side wind woud billow it up. Ended up driving 30 mph for 90 miles. I have removed the fabric and probably will never replace it. I find that if I level first sometimes it seems to shift in the opening. I now open the slides and then level. LOVE the layout and open feeling. 2008 Fleetwood Providence 39R
  5. I have Electric roll down shades on the windshield. Unfortunately, they are black on both sides. The side to the outside absorbs the sun's rays, the Black on the inside radiates it back out. Why don't they make the outside white or silver?
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