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  1. Keep on a rolling, they can't jump in at 60 mph ,
  2. Yes, I have the gross vehicle weight, but even Pace Arrow didn't have the approx net weight, and my ins company wouldn't accept the gvw plate. They want the scale weight or a similar model net weight. Just a money grab, to drive a fella to riding a horse
  3. Does anyone have a curb weight or net weight or scale weigh ticket for a 1988 34 ft pace arrow or similar? I don't want to unbutton it from storage and my ins renewal wants a net weight for it. Thanks Tim
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  5. Good point with the ozone protection. That probably was a feature because of the sitting motor-homes do and hot areas they are parked in. )
  6. RV tires are made to reduce squirming et , some are 14 ply. I hauled winter weights on a log truck for years with 10 ply. Only time I got squirming was when the frost was coming out of the highway just base it on how safe you want to feel, I feel the suspension should give the smooth ride not the tire )
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