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  1. It's my opinion that you don't need a toad to tour Nova Scotia. You will encounter a lot of rolling hills and for your safety it's important to always stay within the posted speed limits when you tour the Cabot Trail. I suggest you travel counter clockwise for better views of the scenery as you drive around the Cabot Trail. You will use your engine brake or transmission grade brake, wouldn't recommend going around the Cabot Trail without one or the other. Please note there is no ferry operating from Bar Harbour Maine to Shelburne NS, there is a ferry operating from St. John NB to Digby NS. There are a number of festivals in Nova Scotia during the summer if they interest you. Fuel cost will be approximately 25% higher than in the US.
  2. Try putting the seat as far back as it will go, lay on the floor and look up under the seat. Usually there is a document tucked under the seat spring that lists the manufacturer, the seat model, color etc.
  3. If you have attended a Kentucky Derby event with an RV Tour Group, how was the experience? What recommendations do you suggest? What would you do differently if you went again? Are there other "must see" destinations in the area?
  4. Travel to the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton via the St. Peters highway and plan to spend a day at the fortress. When you leave Louisbourg travel around the Cabot Trail east to west and don't try to rush the trip, allow 3-4 days in Cape Breton. As mentioned above, there are many hills, you will use your brakes quite often even with an engine or transmission braking system. Visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck if the history of the telephone or the history of aviation interests you. If you can avoid rain, you are certain to enjoy this area.
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