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  1. rcl4144

    Auto Brake Motor

    Your right...that is the same motor...I don't need the pump but I would bet it's cheaper than the whole module that is in the coach... Thanks, Roger
  2. rcl4144

    Auto Brake Motor

    I have a 2003 Fleetwood with a Workhorse chassis and an auto brake system. I recently had a problem with the brake not releasing. The problem turned out to be the motor on the top of the system had gotten water in it and mucked up everything. I disassembled it and cleaned it and all works good again. My question is this is there a resource to get just the new motor or must I purchase the entire unit just to get the motor I have been searching without any luck?? I have attached a picture of the motor numbers. Any help anyone could be would be greatly appreciated. To the right of the first number which might be unreadable is 12VDC, so the number would read PD-50F-1003 12VDC.
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