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  1. We have had the priviledge of being a part of 3 different caravans to Alaska. We have almost any and every kind of RV join us. Most common, probably 5th wheels and motorhomes from 28-42 ft. Yes, most motorhomes do bring Tows, and we would say that if they don't this would probably be one of the biggest mistakes. Once up in this beautiful wilderness you will want to jump into your tow and explore even further. The other thing that most folks do is they over think this tour. They have heard nightmare stories of bad roads, destruction of rigs and on and on. In our personal experience this is just not true. Yes it is possible to get a broken windshield or a flat tire but this can happen anywhere one travels. We take it very slow and we know ahead the road conditions we will be traveling. We have had our 40ft Monaco Motorhome up to Alaska 3 times and never encountered any problems. We leave in July for our 4th trip up thru Canada and all through Alaska and we are looking forward to another wonderful trip! Lastly we highly recommend FMCA's guided tour to Alaska. All the planning, organizing etc. is done for you....You just show up and enjoy. Do the longest tour offered that your schedule will allow as this is a long trip and there is so much to see and do. Take advantage of everything offered to you and have a great adventure!
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