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  1. I just checked it out, what a great site, thanks for sharing it with us!
  2. Wow, I had never heard of Streets & Trips before ( I looked it up, it looks cool...but I have a Mac). I've been trying to reseach software that might be used for this, not made for it, but adapted to it, and I might try a journaling one. I wish I knew more about how to create an app - I sure see a need out there for this!
  3. As full-timers, our list of campgrounds is mounting up. I first started keeping the paper map that they give you upon arrival, but that's getting to bulky. I want to keep some sort of list with the basic details of all the campgrounds we stay at, so that when we pass through there again, or are talking with someone who will be, we can share our experiences with them. Has anyone come up with a good system of keeping track of their campgrounds? I've tried looking online to see if there was a software system, but I didn't see one. I would appreciate any ideas you all might have come up with! Thanks!
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