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  1. We bought a 2000 Coachmen Catalina and had trouble with our TV's too. We found the GFI reset in the bathroom was tripped--reset it and see if the TV's work. The antenna cranks up and there is a button you need to push so it lights up in order to get reception. If you don't have one of the convertors for the TV's, you will need them---we replaced the TV's w/new digital ones. You will pick up local TV stations, and with our digital TV's, we get a lot of extra channels. We haven't purchased a cable box or service yet as it doesn't pay for us for how little we travel right now. You can subscribe to Dish or Direct or if you have that at home, take your receiver and connect it and alert the company you will be using it on the road in your RV. The gauges in the bathroom (?) show your black tank, grey tank, fresh water, propane tank levels--of course "F" on fresh and propane is good, on B & G tanks means you need to dump! The other one means your coach batteries are "C" charging--"G" is good. Most likely you have an inverter. When plugged in (our plug is in a door above the controls for tanks), you should be able to use your appliances--change the switch to "in use" from the storage position. The refrigerator will cool faster on gas, but will take 12-24 hours to get cold or longer. If you don't have the manuals, google it online. Happy camping to you!
  2. We live in WI and bought a Tyvek cover last year for ours. We do store it on a gravel area under some trees, wood under tires, wheel covers as well. We do complete winterizing and polishing before storing. It does get windy here, but we put straps connected to each other all the way across and under the middle, besides the built in straps. We did not have any damage from the cover and it kept the debris off the roof. Also note ours was not covered before we bought it, and it had damage to the plastic covers on top---we had to replace most all of the vent covers, air covers, etc due to being brittle. It also protects the outside from the sun beating down and fading decals, etc. We will continue to cover for winter.
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