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  1. My first coach had horribly cracked and faded decals, plus the gelcoat was dulled, tried many labor intensive options, none were satisfying, my second coach had been wrapped by a previous owner, it looked great. Sort of. From anywhere beyond 10' it was great, but knowing the seams, I saw them all the time. It was fairly easy to 'repair', The day the PO brought me the coach, he ended up catching something that scraped a section. He had gotten some of the material used, so I was able to lay over a fresh section. Obvious prep work beforehand. Our current coach was repainted at Mikes mentioned in this thread, it was a big job, removing exterior arts and taking all paint off, starting from scratch. Beautiful job! Glad it wasn't my bank account that the check was written on. He had the coach on the shop for a month!
  2. I had the ladder mount on my last 3 motorhomes, but my Country Coach prev owner just used screws, so I reused the holes.
  3. This has been beat up pretty good, but we set up the account before our down and cross country trip. My first fillip was at FJ, and was only .05 discount, but during the trip the negotiated the FJ discount. I mainly used Loves the rest of the way. For this concerned about security, let me ask, do you have any auto pay programs? Sat service? Loan payment etc? This is the same, except it would not be a same recurring charge. I did set up a separate account, not so much for that security, but to watch expenses. I have arrived at winter spot, and will look at what the trip was in cost and savings. Bottom line the program works and is safe.
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