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  1. I am in the process of changing my liability and collision on the motorhome. Presently have American Family, but received a great quote from Good Sam. Any comments? Ed Meyer
  2. The was for the main body works fine, but how do you clean the oxidation on the vinyl stripping? Ed Meyer
  3. Meyer

    Brand of Tires

    Members: Can someone tell me the best brand of RV tires to buy. My 32' has Goodyear tires and the RV garage said I should start thinking about buying new tires for next year. Good now, but will have to be changed in another year. Second question: I get a lot of ads. in regards to RV Parks, such as KOA and Sam's Club. Is one better than the other? Thanks Ed Meyer edmeyer@north-pt.com
  4. Being new to this great sport can someone give me an answer on which park is the best. A good Sam Park or a KOA park. Thanks Ed Meyer edmeyer@north-pt.com
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