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  1. We got caught at a State Park within 25 feet of clear view across a lake to SW. Ran to town and bought the Tailgater. Bingo. Connected to outside connection and had great TV on all three Satellites. Used several times since whenever caught blocked by trees and always been successful. It is automatic and powered through coax. I have Dish 211 receiver. Just upgraded to Wingard Pathway X2 which will find Satellites in both hemispheres. It will even find one if I can find a hole through trees with my Dish Pointer phone app. We are well pleased with Dish and our Pathway portable. Changed to Dish at home also. Good Luck. Campingham
  2. I believe from experience, before you take any trip to the Northwest, you check out and download or buy the " mountaindirectorys.com". They are developed for truckers and RV. Make all of your plans by Interstate. You will probably go up and catch I-80 or I-90 to go West and get to Couer d'Alene on I-90. We have done this planning as our Alaska Trip meets there. You have the Appalachians to cross but most Interstates will work okay. The West is another story. Happy Traveling
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