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  1. Thank you all for your input. I have gone as far as I can. I'm going to take the coach to the Onan repair shop and PAY for my stupidity! Again thanks. Safe driving.
  2. Well, some success. I got it started with starting fluid and can sustain the run time by squirting more fluid into the throat of the carb. When I stop adding the fluid, the gen shuts down. I am able to keep it running long enough that I used a half can of spray. Maybe a little more than a minute each time. Did it twice. Any more suggestions please.
  3. Forgot to add this comment. I bought new plugs to install but cannot pull the plug wires off the old plugs. Is there a special toll to use for this or do I just have to pull real hard or get smaller hands to get in there and pull them off. This generator is in my Winnebago and does not have a lot of room to do things.
  4. Rich, I have not tried the straw thing yet. I have disconnected the fuel line after the fuel filter to check that out and when I push the button to prime the gen, I get a lot of fuel pouring out so I know it is getting plenty of fuel. I have done this several times to make sure I have fresh gas in the hoses and into the carb.
  5. I have tried to start the generator. It turns over but will not continue to run. Can I try spraying starting fluid into the carb? I have added stabilizer to the coach gas tank. Anthing else I can try?
  6. I have not started my Onan genset in 6 months. Having read all my books again, I realize my big mistake in not starting it monthly. I now suspect the carburetor is gummed up. What can I use or what is my next step to get this gen back to working condition. I do not use any gas additive. I'm not ready to go to the Onan dealer yet. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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