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  1. I’m new to this forum. Just seeing the post on deteriorating faux leather seats. If you haven’t solved the issue - here’s this: Thankfully, my Sept issue of Motor Home (MH) magazine was in my recycle. This is an industry problem! MH’s Hot Line (HL) addressed also in April & Aug issues. Mr Ratliff wrote MH’s HL (pg 80) re his 2010 Newmar Flexsteel ultra-leather seats. (Flexsteel is great co - I’ve owned numerous products). With Hot Lines asst, Newmar gave him new seats. I recently looked at a 2010 Phoenix Cruiser (used dealership) with HORRIBLE pealing seats! Somewhere in the ultra-leather manufacturing there’s been a HUGE goof!!! - starting about ‘09. To protect our Flexsteel seats I bought Covercraft seat covers from Amazon. Good price. They fit real well. The seat does move when you move. I’m trying to come up with a solution to that issue. Good luck!
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