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  1. I will probably get flamed for this post but here goes. I really do not want replies to this, I just had to state my opinion. All I have heard for weeks is support Haiti. Why is it that when anything happens in a foreign country the good old USA is always the first to jump on the band wagon and commit millions of dollars in aid BUT we have folks right here that have no jobs, no income, no homes and the good old USA seems to turn a deaf ear? Makes no sense to me. I am more interested in helping folks right here in our country than I am in helping anyone in Haiti. As a veteran, I fought for this country and continue to support it. I did not sign up to fight for or support Haiti. I can only be loyal to my own country. Sorry if I offend anyone but this is my opinion.
  2. I just bought a TST with 10 wheel monitors for $499. They were on sale in January. You might want to check the prices now. I had looked at all of them and this was the best deal I could find. They seem to be just as good as the Pressure Pro but a lot cheaper.
  3. James D. Etenburn U.S.Navy Yeoman 2nd Class (E-5) Almeda Naval Air Station VP-1 (1968-1969) Thailand with Observation Squadron 67 - VO-67 (1967-1968) Imperial Beach with Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 - HC-1 (1965-1967) Basic Training - San Diego (1965) 1992 HR Endeavor LE Towing 1992 Geo Tracker
  4. SeaJay/Jim - My owners manual for my 1992 Geo Tracker 4x4 5speed says to put the 4x4 transfer case in Neutral as you said BUT it says to put the transmission in 2nd gear to circulate the transmission fluid. Max tow speed is 55 and stop every 200 miles to run engine in gear for 5 minutes. Are you sure you left your transmission in neutral?
  5. When I was in the Navy we considered all the Marines on board ship as Seagoing Bellhops. LOL.... In all seriousness, we all appreciate the Marines and all they have done for the USA over the years. I had to go through the Marine Corps Counter Insurgency Training, Hand to Hand Combat and Small Arms qualifications before going on a secret mission in Thailand with VO-67. We were wearing Marine fitigues, stationed at an Air Force base, doing a job for the Army until they could get geared up to take it over. Death rate was considered to be much much higher than we experienced. We had some real quality people in that squadron. I was proud to have been involved. The training we went through sure made us sissy sailors appreciate what you marines go through before deployment.
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